Top 10 The Outsiders Quotes from the Book

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The Outsiders is a popular YA novel, published in 1967, and written by a 15 Year old. And the book is good and still selling, the fandom is large and active.

The story of The Outsiders revolve around the rivalry between the kids of two groups, divided by their financial status. 

There is working class – that is Greasers, and then there is Upperclass, The Socks.

Both the groups have prejudice, and biased opinion of the other class. Often, the quarrels turns violent.

The story is narrated from the teenage boy – Ponyboy Curtis.

You can read the review here.

The Outsiders Quotes

The Outsiders Quotes


The Outsiders Quotes


The Outsiders Quotes


Watching the Sunset The Outsiders Quotes


The Outsiders Quotes Sunset


S E Hinton Quotes

Dallas Winston Quotes


S E Hinton Quotes


Social Outcast QUotes


The Outsiders Quotes Dying


Self Defense Quotes


Death QUotes from The Outsiders


I Lie to Myself All the Time


Stay Gold Ponyboy

Book about the Boys

The Outsiders is a book about boys. There are gang fights, hugs, pranks, and support. 

It’s about gym, gaining muscles, discussing the effect of T Shirt on the muscle growth and other random stuff.

The characters drives, roam around the town, do teenage stuff, and work, and rebel against the rich.

But in a way, it also sympathize with the Rich.

It delivers the message that there are few good rich people among the Rich people, it is one of the reason the rebellion fails. But I am not going to talk about it here. Not the right place.

The Outsiders Quotes

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