The Kiss Quotient Quotes from the Hottest Romance of 2018

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I am late to The Kiss Quotient party, but I came with The Kiss Quotient Quotes.

Celebrated as the “hottest romance of 2018”, The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang has grabbed the GoodReads Choice Awards of the Best Romance Book in 2018.

I did not know much about the book at that time. As I said, I am from laggards category.

Some of my favorite GoodReads reviewers have given this book good ratings. That’s good.

Helen Hoang Quotes

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What this Book is about?

The book is about Stella and Michael Phan. The plot is that Stella has Asperger, and because of that, she is not very good at sex-things.

So, as an obsessive person, she was, Stella decides to get better at it. By hiring an escort, to teach her the nuances of lovemaking.

The love story happens, and you have to read the book to know more. Or you might have already read the book, in that case, enjoy the Quotes.

The Kiss Quotient Quotes

the kiss quotient quotes

I like you better than calculus, and math is the only thing that unites the universe.


the kiss quotient quotes

How did one not obsess over something wonderful? How did one like something a reasonable amount?


When you love someone, you fight for them in every way you know how.


the kiss quotient quotes

She didn’t know how to be semi-interested in something. She was either indifferent . . . or obsessed.

Helen Hoang Quotes

the kiss quotient quotes

I don’t want just a night or a week or a month with you. I want you all the time.


the kiss quotient quotes

All the things that make you different make you perfect.


the kiss quotient quotes

Love, he found, was a jail. It trapped, and it clipped wings. It dragged you down, forced you to places you didn’t want to go.


the kiss quotient quotes

The world stopped.
All was silence but for their hearts trying to synchronize their crashing.


the kiss quotient quotes

Everything about him pleased her. Not just his looks, but his patience and his kindness. He was good. He was an obsession waiting to happen.

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the kiss quotient quotes

The hero didn’t even have to win. All he had to do to get the girl was fight for her. If he lost, she’d kiss him better.

The Kiss Quotient Quotes

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