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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is an ocean of motivating quotes. Every other The Alchemist Quotes is inspiring at some point in our life.

At academics, at relationships, at failure, Paulo Coelho quotes can motivate you to push a little harder. And sometimes pushing a little harder is all you need to achieve that target.

This Paulo Coelho Quotes from the book The Alchemist will persuade you to do better, with more efforts, and to win at every game with constant work.


About The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a popular novel about finding your treasure. Written by Paulo Coelho, it is one of the most selling books of all time.

The Alchemist is about a person who dreams of a treasure, and he starts moving towards that treasure. He finds many hurdles and obstacles. He finds himself hopeless, and tired, and a failure. But when every gate is closed, one opens up. 

He seeks his reward with more dedication. After looking at the heart full attempt of the boy, the universe helps him. It is a story of nature and human relationships.

Truly a great story about self-discovery.

It is another thing that I did not enjoy the tale. But the message is awesome.

Love Quotes in the ALchemist

The Alchemist Quotes

So I love you because Entire Universe Conspired to help me find You

If you start by promising what you dont even know

There is only one way to learn

nobody is worth your tears - the alchemist quotes

when we strive to become better than we are - paulo coelho quotes

when each day is same as next - quotes by paulo coelho

Quotes About Love

The ALchemist Quotes about wrong attitude

everything that happens can never happens twice

people are capable of doing what they dreamed of

one is loved because one is loved

Paulo COelho about Destiny

Quotes About Dreams

The Alchemist about the Desert

losing control on life

cant go back you have to worry for forward

sometimes its better to leave things as they are

people learn early in their lives

the book is a film that takes place in the mind of the reader

destiny interferes

shepherd may like to travel

sheep quotes from the alchemist

what seems close is still far away

all people who are happy have gods

the alchemist quotes about dreams

Quotes About Fate

to realize one destiny is a person only obligation

every blessing ignored becomes a curse

Every blessing ignored becomes a curse. #TheAlchemist #BookQuotes Click To Tweet

maybe these desert birds could explain

i am talking to you but the moment i am talking to you

quotes by Paulo Coelho

co incidence quotes and luck

you will come back quotes

how to deal with the change

when two people meet

dont give in to your fears

dont think about what youve left behind

Quotes About Wisdom

most people sees the world as threatening place

dreams are the language of god

boy and his heart become friends

Paulo Coelho quotes about decisions

only the wise can see them

no matter what he does

secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world

when you possess great treasures within you and try to tell others of them

i learned that the world has a soul

true love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny the alchemist quotes

Quotes About Overcoming Fear

adventure quotes from the alchemist

fear quotes from the alchemist

quotes about sea and fire

the boy and his heart

evil quotes

magical quotes

afraid that if my dream is realized

Quotes About Gratitude

there must be a language that

treasure quotes from Paulo Coelho

love quotes from the alchemist

desert quotes

death quotes from the alchemist

language of the word

i will have to suffer

the alchemist quotes about tresure

Quotes About Taking Action

listen to your heart quote

hold back the river

present and the future

how to deal with the change quotes

Quotes About Success

fall seven times to get up right

all things are manifestations of one thing only

intuition is really a sudden

the alchemist quotes

The Alchemist Quotes

50+ the alchemist quotes




wise quotes from the alchemist

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