Powerful Six of Crows Quotes and Leigh Bardugo Quotes

I tried a new way to make Six of Crows Quotes.

After I read somewhere that big block letters on the images are now trending in book cover designs. I thought of trying them out on Leigh Bardugo Quotes.

Below is the result.

I am not as a crazy fan of the series as the people on the Internet. But I don’t think I am crazy for any series now. But I enjoyed it a lot.

Ketterdam is surely one of those fantasy places that I want to visit.

Guess, we can take a visit to their through these quotes.


Six of Crows Quotes

six of crows quotes


Kaz Brekker Quotes

Kaz Brekker is true fantasy characters. The character who I enjoyed so much.

He has a strong image in the book, that could be intimidating.

Like, I am never gonna be as powerful as Kaz Brekker. 😐 

kaz brekker quotes

Kaz Brekker Quotes Images

kaz brekker quote

quotes by kaz brekker

kaz brekker

Inej Ghafa Quotes

Inej Ghafa, she is my favorite character from the series.

I wish her all the happiness.

Jasper Fahey Quotes

The GunMan. 

For the first part, he was my favorite character. I always like GunMen in book series or movies.

I like characters who use strong weapons. Like Legolas.

Matthias Helvar Quotes

Not a fan of him.

He is a moral compass, and annoying. But every group needs a balancing character.

Nina Zenik Quotes

Power Grisha. I don’t know much about her, but I laughed during her chapters.

She sacrifices herself for the group. A team player.

Wylan Van Eck Quotes

Wylan Van Eck. The nerd of the group.

I don’t like him much too. But I don’t hate him.

He needs more Powers.

No Mourners No Funerals

no mourners no funerals Wylan

no mourners no funerals Jasper

no mourners no funerals Nina

no mourners no funerals Inej

no mourners no funerals Kaz

no mourners no funerals

no mourners no funerals Matthias

no mourners no funerals quotes

Six of Crows Quotes

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Six of Crows Quotes Images

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