Sabaa Tahir Quotes Images from Epic Ember in the Ashes Series

I read Ember in the Ashes months ago and has started read Torch Against the Night after it. But after a few chapters, I stop reading and get distracted with another book. I stumbled on the Sabaa Tahir quotes on the net.

It reminded me of the book series that I stopped reading because I was busy with other books.

I am going to read Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir after I finish the ARC I am reading. 100% sure now.

In the meantime, I collected some best Sabaa Tahir quotes and made these:

Sabaa Tahir Quotes Images

sabaa tahir quotes

Sabaa Tahir Quotes


Sabaa tahir Quotes

Ember in the Ashes Quotes

An Ember in The Ashes Quotes


Torch Against the Night Quotes


Reaper at the gates Quotes

Torch Against the Night Quotes

Sad Quotes Sabaa Tahir


best sabaa tahir quotes images


best ember in the ashes quotes


children are born to break their mothers heart

Reaper at the Gates Quotes

fear is only your enemy if your allow it to be


sabaa tahir quotes images


Veturius Elias Quotes


torch against the night quotes


Who is Sabaa Tahir?

Grew up in the Mojave Desert, she is a Pakistani-American young adult fiction writer. Her parent were immigrants. They owned an eighteen-room motel, where Abaa Tahir worked as a clerk for some time.

She also workes as a gas attendant, office manager, tutor, and later as an editor. After being a reporter for Washington Post for five years, she started writing her own book.

Sabaa Tahir liked Lord of the Ring, and she considers The Hobbit as a crap. I totally disagree, I enjoyed The Hobbit a lot.

She thinks her ultimate goal in her life is to run a motorcycle while hollering and disturbing the neighbors.  Sabaa Tahir has still some spark of teenage life remain in her.

Sabaa Tahir Books

She has written three books. Same series.

Sabaa Tahir got the inspiration to write An Ember in the Ashes series while working at Washington Post. She used to read all the horrible and survival stories of people. Then she decided she wants to write a story similar to it.

Her debut series has seen wild success, and people have compared her with J K Rowling. Nonetheless, she is among the Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, and James Dashner.

If you have not read her book, must try her.

An Ember in the Ashes

Ember in the Ashes Book Cover

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A Torch Against the Night

A Torch Against the Night Book Cover

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A Reaper at the Gates

A Reaper at the Gates Book Cover

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An Ember in the Ashes Movie


There is going to be a movie. Paramount Pictures has already brought the rights of the first and second book.

An amount is not disclosed, but it is a nearly seven-figure sum. So yeppy...

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