9 Best Rudyard Kipling Quotes from The Jungle Book to read

30 December is the birth date of one of the most popular novelists Rudyard Kipling. On this occasion, I collected 9 best Rudyard Kipling Quotes from “The Jungle Book”. These Kipling quotes will make you remember your childhood. And give you interesting lesson.

The Jungle Book is one the best work of Rudyard Kipling. We all love it. Rudyard Kipling also was known as the innovator in the art of the short stories.

Let’s not waste time, jump to some best Rudyard Kipling quotes of The Jungle Book.

Rudyard Kipling Quotes on Anger

  • Now, don’t be angry after you’ve been afraid. That’s the worst kind of cowardice.
 Rudyard Kipling Quotes | The Jungle Book Quotes


  • Even the tiger runs and hides when little Tabaqui goes mad, for madness is the most disgraceful thing that can overtake a wild creature.

So better not make Tabaqui angry. It is about madness and the way people can lose all of their control. At that time even the strongest fears from them.

Rudyard Kipling Quotes on Food

  • “I wish to eat,” said Mowgli. “I am a stranger in this part of the jungle. Bring me food, or give me leave to hunt here.” 

The food is basic motivation of all human being. As the Maslow Pyramid say.

Law of the Jungle

The Law of the Jungle, which never orders anything without a reason, forbids every beast to eat Man except when he is killing to show his children how to kill, and then he must hunt outside the hunting grounds of his pack or tribe. The real reason for this is that man-killing means, sooner or later, the arrival of white men on elephants, with guns, and hundreds of brown men with gongs and rockets and torches. Then everybody in the jungle suffers. The reason the beasts give among themselves is that Man is the weakest and most defenseless of all living things, and it is unsportsmanlike to touch him.

Adventurous Rudyard Kipling Quotes

 Rudyard Kipling Quotes | The Jungle Book Quotes

Rudyard Kipling Quotes | The Jungle Book Quotes

Always Remember

Rudyard Kipling Quote on resting

  • It is better to lie quiet in the mud than to be disturbed on good bedding.

This might be my life motto now.

Best of Rudyard Kipling Quotes from The Jungle Book

 Rudyard Kipling Quotes | The Jungle Book Quotes

Rudyard Kipling Quotes | The Jungle Book Quotes

And finally

So Mowgli went away and hunted with the four cubs in the jungle from that day on. But he was not always alone, because years afterward he became a man and married.

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