Top 10 People We Meet on Vacation Quotes by Emily Henry

Sometime we lose the touch with the people who were close with us. Not sometime, it happens more than we realize.

People We Meet on Vacation is story of two friends — they drifted apart due to a reason that I can’t spoil. Then they goes to vacation, where she attempt to heal the bond.

Here are the several quotes from People We Meet on Vacation book.

Best People We Meet on Vacation Quotes

People We Meet on Vacation Quotes

I don’t think I knew I was lonely until I met you.


People We Meet on Vacation Best Lines

Maybe things can always get better between people who want to do a good job loving each other. Maybe that’s all it takes.


Emily Henry Quotes

It hurts to want it all, so many things that can’t coexist within the same life.


Best People We Meet on Vacation Quotes

But most of us are too scared to even ask what we want, in case we can’t have it.


Like a good book or an incredible outfit

Like a good book or an incredible outfit, being on vacation transports you into another version of yourself.

Best Emily Henry Quotes

Like you invented me Quote from People We Meet on Vacation

Sometimes it feels like I didn’t even exist before that. Like you invented me.


Sad quotes from people We Meet on Vacation

Living, being responsible for myself, seems like an insurmountable challenge lately.

Travelling quotes from the book

For me, traveling is about wandering, meeting people you don’t expect, doing things you’ve never done.


That crush of happiness

That crush of happiness, that feeling that this is what life’s about: being somewhere beautiful, with someone you love.


long-term goals often leads to depression

Apparently the completion of long-term goals often leads to depression.


People We Meet on Vacation Quotes

I still have a lot to figure out, but the one thing I know is, wherever you are, that’s where I belong. I’ll never belong anywhere like I belong with you.

To Leave or Not to Leave

When you move from the person, may be due to your mistake, or misunderstanding or doubt or anything. Should you try to go back?

The person has already moved on, and it was you who pushed that person to move on without you. So now the person has move on, but you want to move back, so now do you have any right to go back. Is it even fair to that person?

The book does not come with questions. Its you who come with these questions when reading the book.

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