9 Best One Good Turn Quotes | Kate Atkinson Book 4

I finished reading One Good Turn, and however I don’t like the book much, that cannot stop me from posting few One Good Turn Quotes from the book.

Because the series must go on.

I already have quotes post for all the books I have read of Kate Atkinson. 

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One Good Turn Quotes

One Good Turn Quotes

They said love made you strong, but in Louise’s opinion it made you weak. It corkscrewed into your heart and you couldn’t get it out again, not without ripping your heart to pieces.


Kate Atkinson Quotes

You said five little words to someone –How can I help you?– and it was as if you’d mortgaged your soul out to them.


Sometimes you wondered why anyone bothered crawling out of the cradle

Sometimes you wondered why anyone bothered crawling out of the cradle when what lay ahead was so darn difficult.


Kate ATkinson Book Quotes

Gloria regretted that she wasn’t a knitter, she could be producing a useful garment while waiting for Graham to die.


One Good Turn Quotes by kate atkinson

Boxes within boxes, dolls within dolls, worlds within worlds. Everything was connected. Everything in the whole world.


One Good Turn Quotes

No one ever warned you about how ferocious mother love could be, let’s face it, no one warned you about anything.


One Good Turn Quotes

Discretion really was sometimes the better part of valor.


Kate Atkinson Quotes

Kate Atkinson Quotes and One Good Turn

The world inside his head was so much better than the world outside his head.


But melancholy, that was his own true humor.

But melancholy, that was his own true humor. A miserable bastard, in other words.

One Good Turn Kate Atkinson Book Review

There is  this humour in the book of Kate Atkinson. A weird jokes and characters that does not take it seriously. It was the dully abstract way of the prose that made the Kate Atkinson’s book attractive to me.

There is not too much story in the book. One Good Turn is a character novel, where the conflict is internal.

I would suggest to read this book when you are feeling dull with yourself.

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One Good Turn Quotes


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