Colorful Luna Lovegood Quotes Images showing Colorful Life of Luna

There is no doubt that Luna Lovegood is full of colours. Luna Lovegood quotes images are colourful too. I wish Rowling has introduced her a little bit earlier in the series.

Luna Lovegood does not get many lines or pages, but still, she manages to become one of the most popular six characters of the series.

Maybe it is her weirdness, that we were missing from the series or her open-minded attitude that make us laugh.

Bottom line is, from the first introduction of her, when we meet her at the carriage, she immediately becomes a loveable character.

You’re just as sane as I am.

Luna Lovegood Quotes Images

You are just as sane as I am.

Not only this amazing Luna Lovegood quote, but her whole personality is out of the way. She was unique and that traits have come from the family. 

Luna Lovegood Wedding

Remember the time she came to the wedding with bright yellow colours.

She looks like a sun, with sunflowers in her hairs.

Luna Lovegood Character Description

Luna Lovegood Character Description

And how can we forget this amazing dance by Lovegood family?

Luna Lobvegood Dancing with her Father

Luna Lovegood Dancing with her Father

Luna surely loves her father too much. Her father loves her too, he even tries to give Harry, Ron and Hermione to save her Luna.

Tiara Quote by Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood Quotes Images

Luna Lovegood Quotes things we lose

Not only dad, she remembers what her mom used to say here. And use them to console herself.

Luna Lovegood quotes things we lose

Luna Lovegood Quotes things we lose


Smarty Luna

Luna Lovegood may look unique and a bit different, but that does not make her dumb.

She was a proud Ravenclaw. 

There was a time when she goes to her Hall, and the lady asks her a riddle. The riddle made Harry confuse, but Luna Lovegood was ready with the answer.

Luna Lovegood Quotes Images

The Circle has no Beginning. – Luna Lovegood Quotes Image

The most amazing words said by Luna was when she tries to distracted everyone for Harry Potter in the final battle.

During the serious battle, this words made me chuckle.

Luna Lovegood Quotes Blibbering

Luna Lovegood Quotes Images


Luna’s words to Dobby

Luna Lovegood does not only make you laugh, Luna Lovegood quotes have the power to make you cry too.

Her words on Dobby’s death were so genuine, it shows us how innocent she is.

Luna Lovegood Dobby Quotes

Speech of Luna on Dobby’s Grave


Luna Lovegood House Motto

The Ravenclaw motto. Luna Lovegood knows it by heart.

She is the one that tells us.

Luna Lovegood Quotes Images - Wit Beyond Measure

Wit Beyond Measure is Man’s Greatest Treasure


Some more Luna Lovegood Quotes Images

Quotes by Luna Lovegood Thoughts

Quotes by Luna Lovegood Thoughts


Read this too - Click the Pic


sleepwalk luna lovegood image quotes


Luna Lovegood Quotes Images


Last and Final Luna Quote

We, Harry Potter fans are blessed to have a character like Luna Lovegood in the series.

In the three books, she gave us a lot of funny, and epic scenes.

Even in the movies. Evanna Lynch has played the role really well.

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Luna Lovegood quotes Images

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