Best Life After Life Quotes by Kate Atkinson

I am going to make a post for the quotes of Kate Atkinson Books. I am starting with Life After Life Quotes.

Kate Atkinson writing is so good, that I can’t review it. It is over my intelligence or intellectual.

There is only one review of Kate Atkinson’s book on this blog, and that is Behind the Scenes. That was the second book I read of Kate Atkinson.

But as it happened with John Green, and Susan Fletcher, I liked the second book I read of the author more than the first one.

First one was Jackson Brodie novel.

Right now I am reading Emotionally Weird. You can friend me on Goodreads.

Life After Life Quotes Kate Atkinson

What This Book is About?

You will enjoy the quotes more if you have some context. Don’t worry, I am not gonna spoil the story.

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson is about Ursula. It is the first part of the Todd Family Saga.

Ursula born in 1910, die the first night. But the story does not end. She born again, and survive a little more.

Then she dies again.

And it continues, she dies again and again and again. Life gives her many chances. One day she realizes, she has to do something, fulfill a task, to exit the circle.

We read her Life, after Life, and see the excellence of Kate Atkinson writing.

It is a recommended book from me. With subtle Brit humor and such thickness, it makes a good weekend read.

For now, we are going to enjoy some good quotes from the Kate Atkinson books.

Life After Life Quotes

 Do not tell secrets to those whose faith and silence you have not already tested

 How quickly life could dissolve into its more ugly elements

 I feel as if I’m waiting for something dreadful to happen, and then I realize it already has

 If people believed in eternal damnation they might not be seizing the day quite so much.

 It was a long time ago now. And it was yesterday

Kate Atkinson Quotes

 Life wasn't about becoming, was it? It was about being

 Most people muddled through events and only in retrospect realized their significance

 She was born with the winter already in her bones

Kate Atkinson Quotes

 What if we had a chance to do it again and again, until we finally did get it right? Wouldn't that be wonderful

 Whatever happens to you, embrace it, the good and the bad equally. Death is just one more thing to be embraced

 You can step in the same river but the water will always be new

Life After Life Quotes by Kate Atkinson

So tell me, is not Kate Atkinson great?

But you have to read the book to comprehend the full imagery of these lines.

For example:

She had had affairs over the years … but she had never been pregnant, never been a mother or a wife and it was only when she realized that it was too late, that it could never be, that she understood what it was that she had lost. Pamela’s life would go on after she was dead, her descendants spreading through the world like the waters of a delta, but when Ursula died she would simply end. A stream that ran dry.

We see Ursula from various lenses of life. We see her hopeless, brave, tired, betrayed, fighting, coward… Kate Atkinson digs out the various part of human life and it shows in the book.

Life After Life Quotes by Kate ATkinson

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