9 Lessons from City of Girls Quotes for Every Gender

City of Girls is the latest novel by Elizabeth Gilbert. The book is majorly targeted towards girls.

But the book does have lessons that could be beneficial for everyone. These few City of Girls Quotes prove that.

The story is about an old lady – Vivian Morris. She, according to her, is good in only two things. That is sex and sewing. But she is more than that. When she was 19, she failed in school, and her parents send her to her aunt. To Manhattan, where her Aunt Peg runs a theatre.

To be honest, the City of Girls is light-hearted, funny, adventurous, interesting and worth reading. There are many lessons Vivian gives to readers, and women, but these City of Girls Quotes could teach you something about life, despite your gender.

After a certain age, we are all walking around this world in bodies made of secrets and shame and sorrow and old, unhealed injuries. Our hearts grow sore and misshapen around all this pain — yet somehow, still, we carry on.

City of Girls Quotes

City of Girls Quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert

Youth is an irreplaceable treasure, and the only respectable thing to do with irreplaceable treasure is to waste it.

city of girls quotes ELizabeth Gilbert

Let us not become so cautious that we forget to live.

Best City of Girls Quotes

Love is like that is a deep well with steep sides. Once you fall in, that’s it. You will love that person always.

City of Girls Quotes about Marriage

Most marriages are neither heavenly nor hellish, but vaguely purgatorial.

Elizabeth Gilbert Quotes

Not many people know how to be satisfied.

Not many people know how to be satisfied.

Our rules, they dont mean a thing.

 Our rules, they don’t mean a thing. 

Centre is Everywhere. City with a million centres.

The center is everywhere – wherever people are living out their lives. It’s a city with a million centers.

Elizabeth Gilbert Quotes

The world just happens to you sometimes, is what I think. And people just gotta keep moving through it, best they can.

Best Quotes from City of Girls

You must learn in life to take things more lightly, my dear. The world is always changing. Learn how to allow for it.

City of Girls Quotes

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If you enjoy reading these quotes, you will surely like the book. And when you read the book, or if you have already read the book, share your favorite quotes, in the comments.

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