Top 10 Best Upgrade Quotes by Blake Crouch for Genes Modification

In this thrilling and thought-provoking story, we follow the journey of Logan Ramsay, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he becomes the subject of a genetic experiment gone awry.

After being exposed to a virus designed to modify his genetic structure, Logan wakes up in a hospital bed to discover that he has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Its basically spider man origin story but there is no responsibilities.

Let see some Upgrade quotes from the book.

Best Upgrade Quotes

Upgrade quotes by Blake Crouch

You can’t kill humanity to save humanity. Human beings are not a means to an end.


best Blake Crouch quotes

I suspect that, if we all had perfect memory, we would all grieve the older versions of we used to be the way we grieve departed friends.


Blake Crouch quotes

Higher intelligence doesn’t make you less greedy or self-centered or evil. It doesn’t necessarily make you a good person.


best Upgrade quotes

Mostly, I just sit by the kitchen window, watching the sea change.


quotes from Upgrade book

But I didn’t live in a world where any of my dreams were possible anymore.


best lines from Upgrade book

If there’s a solution, it has to lie in reaching us from our ambivalence. Our apathy.

Blake Crouch Quotes

Upgrade quotes by Blake Crouch

All the existential threats to our existence live under the umbrella of climate change.


best Blake Crouch quotes

If I lose the ability to (feel) hurt, I also lose my grasp on joy — those brief moments of contentment that make consciousness worth the voyage.


quotes from Upgrade book

So I bought some clothes at a thrift store, cleaned myself up.


best Upgrade quotes

I wondered if I could linger in moments, let each second become a world unto itself.


best quotes from Blake Crouch

It is a supremely cruel thing to have your mind conjure a desire which it is functionally unable to realize.

Best Upgrade Quotes

Through Logan’s journey, readers are taken on a thrilling ride filled with action, suspense, and ethical dilemmas.

As the world around him becomes increasingly complex, Logan must navigate the blurred lines between humanity and technological enhancement, making choices that will shape not only his destiny but also the future of mankind.

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