Best The Night Shift Quotes by Alex Finlay from the Books

“There’s only one thing sneakier than criminals.” “What’s that?” “Teenage girls.”

This is the The Night Shift Quote that I liked the most.

The less you know about the book, the better. It is a chilling thriller involving murders, criminals and violent delights that ends with violence.

If you like parallel stories, you will find it good. And here are some quotes by Alex Finlay to intrigue you.

Best The Night Shift Quotes

The Night Shift quotes by Alex Finlay

Keller thinks about this. It makes sense. A trauma survivor wanting to help other trauma survivors.


The Night Shift quotes by Alex Finlay

I assume the FBI doesn’t send agents to extend thoughts and prayers, so what can I do for you, Special Agent Keller?


The Night Shift quotes

In the movies, the detectives always end up interviewing witnesses at a strip club, and it seemed like it would be pretty cool. But this is awful.


The Night Shift quotes

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.


Alex Finlay quotes

The ingenuity of criminals never ceases to amaze. It also dumbfounds her – why don’t the smart ones take their talents and go legit?

Best Alex Finlay quotes

best The Night Shift quotes

A good boss deletes annoyed messages before sending them.


best Alex Finlay quotes

All these years, he was a monster in plain sight.


quotes from The Night Shift book

He nods as if enjoying the euphemism. Sure, in that outfit, a friend.

best lines from The Night Shift book

Climbing out of the car, she decides the fuck-me heels are a bit much. She reaches back for her gym bag, pulls out her sneakers.


best quotes from Alex Finlay

A therapist in nightclub attire probably didn’t make the top 10 for weird.


best lines from The Night Shift book

“I’ve been in group homes since I was fourteen. I know what it feels like to have someone try to touch you in your sleep.” Ella nods, swallows again.


quotes from The Night Shift book

And his own brother had been a small-time dealer. Not because he was a bad person, but for the simple reason that they needed food on the table.

Best The Night Shift Quotes

So you liked these quotes from the book The Night Shift.

Let me know if your favorite one made the list. Or comment it down and I will add it to the post.

Thanks for reading.

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