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I was reading the blog by GoodReads when I found out the The Giver of Stars is one of the most popular book of 2020. Still there are no The Giver of Stars quotes on the web.

So I made this post.

However, I enjoyed the After Series, but The Giver of Stars is kind of disappointing.

But yes, you can only like one book from the author. And then you start comparing it with others, and no other book from the same author give same kind of feel.

I mean girls riding the horses and distributing the book. The plot is interesting.

But the beginning push away the reader, and only the strong willed reach at the end. The reward is fulfilling, but one has to decide whether to read the first 100 slow pages or to move over to something more engrossing.

But leave it, this is not a review post and enjoy these The Giver of Stars Quotes.

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The Giver of Stars Quotes

The Giver of Stars Quotes


The Giver of Stars Quotes


The Giver of Stars Quotes


Quotes from the Giver of STars


Best Quotes The Giver of Stars


Giver of Star lines

Jojo Moyes Quotes

Jojo Moyes Quotes


The Giver of STars by Jojo Moyes


Jojo Moyes Quotes Images


Stupid Man with a Gun Quotes Jojo Moyes


Sad Quotes from Jojo Moyes


Town QUotes The Giver of Stars


Alone time quotes


Out of the Way Quotes Jojo Moyes

The Giver of Stars Quotes

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