Best Sea of Tranquility Quotes by John Mandel from the Book

John Mandel’s Sea of Tranquility is a beautifully written novel about a family struggling to grapple with their new reality after a devastating tsunami.

The story is told from the perspective of the father, who is trying to come to terms with his own grief as well as his wife’s and daughter’s.

The prose is lyrical and evocative, and the characters are richly drawn and deeply human. This is a novel that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it.

Let’s see several Sea of tranquility Quotes Images.

Best Sea of Tranquility Quotes

Best Sea of Tranquility Quotes

I’ve been thinking a great deal about time and motion lately, about being a still point in the ceaseless rush.


life can be tranquil in the face of death

This is the strange lesson of living in a pandemic: life can be tranquil in the face of death.


A life lived in a simulation is still a life

A life lived in a simulation is still a life.


sea of tranquility quotes

Sometimes you don’t know you’re going to throw a grenade until you’ve already pulled the pin.


quotes from sea of tranquility book

There’s a low-level, specific pain in having to accept that putting up with you requires a certain generosity of spirit in your loved ones.

Best Sea of Tranquility Quotes Video

lines from sea of tranquility

The distance is unbearable if you let yourself dwell on it.


John Mandel quotes from Sea of Tranquility

No star burns forever.

John Mandel Quotes

 John Mandel Quotes Images

If there’s pleasure in action, there’s peace in stillness.


Sea of Tranquility Quotes

Everything offended Jessica, which is inevitable when you move through the world in search of offense.


Cat Quotes Sea of Tranquility

You should have told me my cat was a time traveler.


Book Quotes John Mandel

“Well,” he said, “I saw some things I wish I hadn’t.”


Sea of Tranquility Quotes

What you have to understand is that bureaucracy is an organism, and the prime goal of every organism is self-protection. Bureaucracy exists to protect itself.


Sea of Tranquility Quotes

If definitive proof emerges that we’re living in a simulation, the correct response to that news will be So what. A life lived in a simulation is still a life.

Best Sea of Tranquility Quotes

Any tragedy is bad. Dreaming of the life living at the beach is pretty, unless you realize how horrible it could be in seconds. 

Tsunami, flood, and earthquake!

Seriously. What is man to rocks and mountains and rivers and oceans and soils and air and wood and lava and dark?

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