Best My Evil Mother Quotes by Margaret Atwood Book

My Evil Mother is a short story from the Margaret Atwood. I have not got the chance to read the book yet, though it is making noise in my prime account. Might read it this weekend.

Till then, here are some good My Evil Mother quotes.


My Evil Mother Quotes

My Evil Mother Quotes by Margaret Atwood

“Miss Scace died years ago.” “Appearances can be deceptive. She only looks dead.”


My Evil Mother quotes

Why would I care about the tittle-tattle of the uninformed?


Margaret Atwood quotes

They may not like me, but they respect me. Respect is better than like.


best My Evil Mother quotes

Then, when he was exhausted, she stole his penis.


best Margaret Atwood quotes

And did you feel protected?

Margaret Atwood Book Quotes

quotes from My Evil Mother book

The protector was her – the greater power was her – the universe that took an interest was her as well – always her.


best lines from My Evil Mother book

Was ahead of her time with the garlic, I feel compelled to mention.


best quotes from Margaret Atwood

Avenging a toad. Pointing at a tree. Who could handle that kind of thing, in a mother?


best quotes from Margaret Atwood

Of course, everyone has a father—or, as they would say nowadays, a sperm provider.

My Evil Mother Quotes

So that’s it. The book is short. It is a short story tbh. So there is not much to quote here.

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