Top 10 Best Love, Theoretically Quotes from Ali Hazelwood Book

In “Theoretical Hearts,” Elsie Hannaway, a dual-life protagonist as a professor and fake girlfriend, discovers her favorite client’s brother, Jack, is the physicist who ruined her mentor’s career. As she vies for a dream job at MIT, she prepares for scholarly warfare against Jack but finds unexpected emotions and attraction blooming.

The story navigates the clash between theoretical and experimental physics, mirroring Elsie’s journey in putting her guarded theories on love into practice.

Will she risk her constructed world for a chance at unexpected romance? Let’s find out through these amazing Love, Theoretically quotes.

Best Love, Theoretically Quotes

Maybe instead of getting people to think that I’m worth their time, I should stop giving a shit about them?


I often feel like I can be allowed to play only if I follow the rules men made. And those rules? They downright suck.


Physics is like sex: it may yield practical results, but often that’s not why we do it.


Sex does nothing for me, but maybe this is my kink: being complimented by leading scholars in my field. Hot, huh?


What you said was true. And it was the right thing to do. But also…Elsie, there’s very little I wouldn’t do for you.


I like to see you. When you’re not trying to be someone else.

Ali Hazelwood Quotes

You are the most magnificent thing that ever happened to me.


“In my fantasies, you allow me to keep an eye on you.” I feel his lips at my temple. “And when I really let go, I imagine that you let me take care of you, too.”


Elsie, it’s the bare minimum. The bar’s so low, you could pick it up and beat him with it.


“You could be my entire world,” he whispers in my ear before moving to my collarbone. “If you let me.”


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Or makes you resent your pathological inability to set boundaries, one or the two.


He studies my face for several moments, like he cannot stop on the cover or the first page, like he needs to read the whole book every time.

Best Love, Theoretically Quotes

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