Top 10 In Five Years Quotes by Rebecca Serle from the Book

As they say, make your God laugh by telling your plans to him.

In Five Years quotes are there to show it.

Maybe there is God, though, my beliefs are diminishing, and I think there is nothing out there. May be aliens, or other life forms, or elders who live for long.

But then what is God anyway?

An omnipresent, everything knowing, an omnipotent entity. The more I think about it, the more the idea seems weird. Are not humans are like God for dogs.

But one has to believe, because without God, or life after death thing, what is there to believe. The world itself is too fragile and unpredictable.

But leave it.

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle tells the story of women with a good life. With a plan for the next five years.

Then she woke up 5 years in future, with different men, and different life, than she expected.

We can plan, organize, and sort our lives as we can, but it does not matter in the end. Then there is Midwinterblood, directly challenging the notion.

Let’s just read few In Five Years Quotes.

In Five Years Quotes

In Five Years Quotes

I am constantly trying to learn the rules, only to realize that the people who win don’t seem to follow any.

In Five Years Quotes

Happiness. The enemy of all suffering.

In Five Years Quotes

I think sacrifice is in direct opposition to manifestation. If you want your dreams you should look for abundance, not scarcity.

In Five Years Quotes

The wind is low and languid, and the city is buzzy with the happy, contented quality of routine.

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In Five Years Quotes

The future is the one thing you can count on not abandoning you, kid, he’d said. The future always finds you. Stand still, and it will find you. The way the land just has to run to sea.

In Five Years Quotes

You are not wrong for loving what you do. You are lucky. Life doesn’t hand everyone a passion in their profession.

In Five Years Quotes

We spent the entire four days on the outskirts. Eating dinner at cafés on the fringes of Montmartre.

In Five Years Quotes

A kid zooms past us with a basketball, his mother sprinting after him. The city. Full and buzzy and unaware that somewhere, fifteen blocks south, tiny cells are multiplying in a plot to destroy the whole world.

In Five Years Quotes

It feels impossible how much space there can be in this intimacy, how much privacy. And I think that maybe that is what love is. Not the absence of space but the acknowledgement of it, the thing that lives between the parts, the things that makes it possible not to be one, but to be different, to be two.

In Five Years Quotes Video

In Five Years Quotes

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The plan we make are nothing to, anything can happen. And mostly, the life go downhill. May be it is the nature of the man to fall, or habit.

But whatever it is, is there anything we can do beside admit and accept it.

This form of fun does not come naturally to me, and therefore feels impossible to engage in. I am constantly trying to learn the rules, only to realize that the people who win don’t seem to follow any.

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