Top 10 In an Instant Quotes by Suzanne Redfearn to Read

Anyone remember the If I Stay by Gayle Forman.

The story was about a family who dies in a car accident. Only the girl survive, but she stay in coma.

Her spirit lingers in the world, watching her body, her relatives, her boyfriends and her friends. She has to made a decision, to stay or to let go of this world.

It is a hard subject to write, but Gayle Forman does it amazingly.

Many authors try this concept, rarely we see anyone getting it right.

In an Instant has similar touch to the story. But here, everyone survives, except the girl. Now Finn watches helplessly, how her family & friends are surviving her loss.

Is there any more common experience for the humanity, other than the death. We all deal with the loss of our close, while some mourn for some time, and let go, then other suffer their whole life.

It is a depressing subject, but I wanted to make this post on the few amazing In an Instant quotes, that shows us the brutality of the universal truth.

Best In an Instant Quotes

In an Instant Quotes 1

Regret is a tough emotion to live with, impossible to move on from, because what’s done is done.


In an Instant Quotes 2

Carry me inside you as a light that brightens your world and makes everything better. I don’t want to be a void, a hole, a shadow. REMEMBER ME!


In an Instant Quotes 3

It’s strange and wonderful, the things we do that we don’t realize we’ve done.


In an Instant Quotes 4

“You only live once, and no one has any idea how long that once is going to be, so grab on tight and hold on for the ride and don’t worry about it and don’t look back.


In an Instant Quotes 5

Like everyone else, she is stumbling forward, one foot in front of the other, not always in the right direction but staggering on just the same.


In an Instant Quotes 6

Like soldiers who fought beside each other, once the war is over, they return to their separate lives, their only bond a tragic shared memory all would rather forget.

In an Instant Quotes 7

The way I view alcohol is that it makes you more of whatever you already are. Happy drunks are happy people made happier; nasty drunks, the opposite.


In an Instant Quotes 8

Are we born with our strength? If so, then should we condemn those who don’t have it?


In an Instant Quotes 9

Men can’t handle stewing in their emotions. At least men like my dad can’t. Boredom and emotion lead to irritation and frustration, which, when combined with testosterone, is highly combustible and leads to irrational action, world wars, and mass destruction.


In an Instant Quotes 10

Regret is the most difficult emotion to live with, but in order to have regret, you need to have a conscience: an interesting paradox that allows the worst of us to suffer the least in the aftermath of wrongdoing.


In an Instant Quotes 11

I realize how awful people are to each other, how a pervasive cynicism exists in most of us that stops us from seeing the best parts of one another.


In an Instant Quotes 12

As I watch her cry, I wonder about this, about whether our humanity is determined more by circumstance than conscience, and if any of us if backed into a corner can change.

Best In an Instant Quotes


What do you say?

After reading these In an Instant quotes, what do you think?

Is there any good one I missed, that I can add to the post.

Leave it in the comment box, and I will add it.

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