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Rahat Indori is a songwriter of Hindi movies and very popular Urdu poet. Rahat Indori Shayari has keen eyes on the politics. There is lots of Rahat Indori Shayari on Politics.

Rahat Indori has given the lyrics to more than 13 Hindi movies. What makes him unique is the way he tells his ghazals, which are fully packed with emotions, humour and sometimes action.

He writes poetry in a simple language that mass could easily understand and praise. But behind those simple words, Rahat Indori poetry hides multiple meanings.

Rahat Indori is very active and interested in India politics. We can see criticism in his poetry. That is similar to Mohsin Naqvi Shayari.

Here is some nice collection of Rahat Indori Shayari on Politics.

Rahat Indori Shayari on Politics

Rahat Indori Poetry on Politics

Sarhado par Tanaav Hai Kya

Jara Pata Karo Chunaav hai Kya

Rahat Indori 2 Lne sad shayari

Aankho mein paani rakho, Hontho par chingaari rakho

jinda rehna hai to, Tarkibe bahut saari rakho

Rahat Indori Hindi Poetry

Raaz jo kuch ho Ishaaro mein bta bhi dena, Haath jab usse milaao dabaa bhi dena Click To Tweet

Rahat Indori Poetry

Ban ke ek Haadsa Bazaar mein aa jayega

Jo nahi hoga wo Akhbaar mein aa Jayega

Rahat Indori sad shayari

Ek Akhbaar huu, Aukaat hi Kya hai meri

Magar shahar mein aag lagane ke liye kaafi huu

Rahat Indori Shayari

Baadshahon se bhi fenke hue sikke na liye

Humne khaeraat bhi maangi hain to khuddari se

Rahat Indori Shayari on Politics

Yeh Kenchiya hume udne se khaak rokengi

Ki hum pado se nahi, housalon se udate hai

Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi

Har haqeeqat ko meri khaak samajhne waale

main teri neened udane ke liye kaafi hoon

Rahat Indori Shayari 2 Lines

Jo zurm karte haiitne bure nahi hote

Sazaa naa deke adala bigaad deti hain

Rahat Indori Shayari

Jawaniyo mein jawani ko dhuul karte hain

jo log bhuul nhi krte, bhuul karte hain

Rahat Indori 2 Line Poetry

Chor uchakko ki karo qadr, ki maaloom nahi

Kaun, kab, kaunsi, sarkaar main aa jaayega

Rahat Indori Poetry

Rahat Indori Shayari has lots of fans, and his immense popularity in Urdu lovers is a proof of that. From reciting his first poem when he was 19 to his mushairas in Dubai, Rahat Indori Shayari has become an inspiration for young shayars.

Rahat Indori Best Poetry

So tell us your favourite Rahat Indori Shayari. And if you have any Rahat Indori Shayari on Politics, do leave it in the comment, I will add it to the page.

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