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Parveen Shakir poetry has his own style. Known as the great poetess of Pakistan. Parveen Shakir poetry has a unique soul-stirring style. The ghazals of Shakir focus on the feminine sides of romance and love.

The themes of her Shayari is beauty, intimacy, breakups, and separation. But from the perspective of a female. Filled with lots of metaphors and similes, Parveen Shakir’s Shayari make readers think while letting him enjoy the lyricism.

Some of her shayr has become immensely popular in Urdu literature.

For example:

Wo tou khushbu hai, hawaon main bikhar jaye ga

Masla phool ka hai, phool kidher jayega?


Jugnuu ko din kay wakt parakhne ki zid karain

Bachchay hamaray ehed kay chalaak ho gaye

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Let’s see more Parveen Shakir poetry images

Parveen Shakir Poetry Images


Urdu Shayari Parveen Shakir

Phir bhi na mera Qafila lutne se bach Saka

qafila = caravan


Parveen Shakir Poetry Image

Masla jab bhi Charagho ka Utha

Charagh = Lamps


Parveen Shakir 2 lines Shayari

Yu bichadna bhi Bahut Aasaan na tha usse


Parveen Shakir Shayari

Jugnu ko Din ke Waqt Parakhne ki Zid Karen


Pucha kisi ne mol to Hairan Reh Gaya

Pucha kisi ne mol to Hairan Reh Gaya

Mol = Price


Parveen Shakir 2 Lines Poetry


Parveen Shakir 2 Line Poetry

Kaise keh duun ke usne chod diya mujhko

Rusvaai = Dishonour


Parveen Shakir SHayari in Hindi

Mausam ka azaab chal rha hai

azaab = punishment


Parveen Shakir Ghazal in Urdu

Wo to Khushbu hai hawaon mein bikhar jaayega


Parveen Shakir Poetry Images

Palat kar phir yahin aajaaenge hum


Parveen Shakir Poetry Ghazal

ab toh iss raah se woh


Parveen Shakir Romantic Poetry


Parveen Shakir Poetry Images

Bhulne ka sawal tha


Parveen Shakir sad poetry 2 lines

vo musafir hi khuli dhuup ka tha


Parveen Shakir Poetry Images

Parveen Shakir Poetry Images


Parveen Shakir Romantic Poetry

Intizar uska magar kuch soch kar karte rahe


Parveen Shakir Love Poetry Images

Barabari ka bhi hota to sabr aa jaata


Education of Shakir

She did graduation courses, one in English literature, one in linguistics. She also did the M.A in these subjects from the University of Karachi. Later she did PhD. and M.A. in Bank Administration and worked as a municipal servant of the Government of Pakistan.

In 1991, Parveen went to the Harvard University to do the M.A. in Public Administration.

Parveen Shakir Husband and Son

Syed Naseer Ali was her husband. Shakir’s husband was a doctor by occupation.

Syed Murad Ali was their only son. The marriage did not work out great and ended up in divorce.

Death of a great Poetess

Parveen Shakir knew she is going to die.

Once she came to India for the International Urdu conference. In India, she met a palmist. The palmist told her that she is not going to finish her 5th book, and will die young.

On 26 December 1994, her cars collided with the bus, and the accident led to untimely death. The road on which the accident happened, is now, known as Parveen Shakir Road.

To read about Parveen Shakir in detail, click here.


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Parveen Shakir Poetry Images

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