15 Best NIDA FAZLI SHAYARI that Will Make You Fida on Nida

If you have some interest in Bollywood movies or ghazals, you must have heard the song “Hosh Waalo ko Khabar kya”.

It is a popular song from movie Sarfarosh., written by Nida Fazli.

Nida Fazli Shayari is mostly about the tugging wars of life. Shayari of Nida Fazli has an element like searching for purpose, and complexities of human relations.

Read the Nida Fazli Poetry yourself and see what you find in it.


Nida Fazli Shayari Images

Nida Fazli Shayari


Nida Fazli Poetry


Nida Fazli Poetry

Nida Fazli Inspirational Shayari

Nida Fazli Shayari Images in Hindi


Nida Fazli Poetry in Hindi Images


Sad Shayari by Nida Fazli


Sad 2 Line Shayari by Nida Fazli

Nida Fazli Petry Images

ab khushi hai na koi dard rulane wala


apni marzi se kahan apne safar ke hum hai - Nida Fazli Poetry


Nida Fazli Poetry Hindi Images


Har Aadmi mai hote hai dus bees aadmi


kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta


Nida Fazli Dohe

Nida Fazli Dohe


Nida Fazli Dohe in Hindi Images


Nida Fazli Images of Dohe


Hindi Shayari


Hindi Dohe Images


Patriotic Shayari by Nida Fazli

Nida Fazli Poem

Nida Fazli Poem Image


तेरी आँखों से ही जागे सोएँ हम

तेरी आँखों से ही जागे सोएँ हम
कब तक आख़िर तेरे ग़म को रोएँ हम

वक़्त का मरहम ज़ख़्मों को भर देता है
शीशे को भी ये पत्थर कर देता है
रात में तुझको पाएँ, दिन में खोएँ हम

हर आहट पर लगता है तू आया हैं
धूप है मेरे पीछे आगे साया है
ख़ुद अपनी ही लाश को कब तक ढोएँ हम

Know the Poet

You enjoyed his poetry. Let me provide some information about the shayar.

What is the complete name of Nida Fazli?

The complete name of Nida Fazli is Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli.

When Nida Fazli was Born?

Nida Fazli was born on 12 October 1938, in Delhi. With Kashmiri family, he grew up in Gwalior.

During partition, his family moved to Pakistan, but he decided to stay.

How was the Career of Nida Fazli?

Fazli is a popular poet of India. He has study English, Hindi, and Urdu literature. And use a common language in his Shayari.

He started writing for Magazines like Blitz, and soon filmmakers start noticing his writing. Nida Fazli’s writing was easily adapted to songs. Or one can say, he uses to write in a way that it could be sell. As he later said that financial good artist could create more art, free of tension.

He has written all sorts of poetry, Dohe, Ghazala, Nazms, and Songs.

At the end of the days, he was writing the column for BBC, on literature.

When Nida Fazli died?

Fazli died of a heart attack on 8 February 2016.

Nida Fazli Awards

He was popular in awards shows and Mushairas. But here are some big awards he won:

  • Sahitya Akademi Award in Urdu for Khoya Hua Sa Kuchh (1998)
  • Star Screen Award for Best Lyricist for Sur (2003)
  • Bollywood Movie Award – Best Lyricist for Aa Bhi Ja from Sur (2003)
  • Padma Shri; the Government of India. (2013)
  • Mir Taqi Mir Award

Nida Fazli Books

Ghazal singer Talat Aziz, who sang and composed a plethora of Fazli’s tunes, said, “Here was a man who was not diluting his first impulses. He was writing as a free thinker and wrote like that. Brilliant is a small word for him. He was the last of the brilliant poets such as Ahmad Faraz and Faiz. I am also of the firm belief that he didn’t get his due despite such great poetry. He deserved much more recognition that he actually got.”  — SRC

  • Lafzon ke phool 
  • Mor Naach 
  • Aankh aur Khwab ke Darmiyaan
  • Safar mein dhoop to hogi 
  • khoya hua sa kuch 
  • Duniya ek khilona hai 

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