Mohsin Naqvi Poetry Images – Amazing 2 Line Shayari by Mohsin

Look at these great Mohsin Naqvi Poetry Images. Mohsin Naqvi in Urdu is quite popular, and he is a known poet of Pakistan.

Mohsin Naqvi was a Pakistani Poet. He was born in Dera Ghazi Khan, on 5 May 1947.

Her father, Syed Chirag Hussain Shah occupation was saddle making, and he worked as a food vendor too. The name given to Mohsin Naqvi was Ghulam Abbas. Naqvi graduated from Government College Multan and earned his master’s degree from the University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Mohsin Naqvi is known as Poet of Ahl-e-Bait.

He published several books. Mohsin Naqvi Islamic poetry about Karbala is a lot popular in Pakistan.

Mohsin Naqvi Poetry Books

Here is a list:

  • Azab-e-Deed
  • Band-e-Qaba
  • Barg-e-Sahra
  • Ghair Matbua Kalam
  • Haq Elia
  • Khema-e-Jan
  • Reja-e-Harf
  • Rida-e-Khwab
  • Tulu-e-Ashq
  • Sada-e-Mohsin
  • Etc etc…

You can download them from

Last Words of Mohsin

Mohsin Naqvi was an active member of Shia Muslim Community, which leads to his untimely death. He became the victim of the violence that he was fighting against.

He died on 15 January, 1996, in Lahore, Punjab Pakistan.

But his poetry is still alive and loved by a lot of people.

His poetry was never about love. But against the leaders who don’t care about their people.

His last words were:

le Zindagi ka khums Ali(a.s) k Ghulam se
Ay maout aa zaroor magar ahtraam se
Aashiq hon agr Zara bhi aziyat hui mujhy
Shikwa kronga tera main apne Imam(a.s) se 


Mohsin Naqvi Poetry Images


mohsin naqvi poetry images

Mohsin Naqvi Poetry Images


Mohsin Naqvi Poetry Images

Yuu Dekhte Rehna Use Achcha Nahin Mohsin


Sad Mohsin Naqvi Poetry Images

Jin Ashko ki Phiki lau ko


Popular Mohsin Naqvi Poetry Images

Wo kya Gya Ke – Mohsin


Mohsin Naqvi Poetry in Urdu

Poor Mohsin Poetry Images

Wo Aksar Din Mein Bachon Ko Sula Deti hai


Mohsin Naqvi Poetry

Nazar ki Qaid Main Mohsin


Naqvi Poetry Images

Kahan Jayega Mohsin


2 line Poetry Mohsin Naqvi

Mohsin Naqvi Shayari Images



Mohsin Naqvi Video

Great poet reciting his own poetry in this rare video.  😀 


Mohsin Naqvi Poetry

Mohsin Naqvi Poetry


Mohsin Naqvi Poetry

Mohsin Naqvi Poetry


Mohsin Naqvi Poetry Images

Mohsin Naqvi Poetry Images


Mohsin Naqvi sad Poetry

KIller Mohsin Images


Mohsin Naqvi 2 Line Shayari Images

Wo aa Basa Hai Muj Main


Best Mohsin Image

Bewafai Ki Intha


Sad 2 line Mohsin Naqvi Poetry

Dard ke Tanha Mausam Main


More Mohsin Naqvi Poetry Images

2 line poetry mohsin Naqvi

2 line poetry mohsin Naqvi


Mohsin Naqvi poetry in urdu

Mohsin Naqvi poetry in urdu


Mohsin Naqvi poetry in urdu

Mohsin Sad Poetry


Mohsin Naqi sad poetry

Mohsin Naqi sad Poetry


Mohsin Naqi sad poetry

Best Naqvi Poetry


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Mohsin Naqvi Ghazals


Zikr-e shab-e firaaq se wehshat usay bhi thee,
Meri tarah kisi se muhabbat usay bhi thee.

Mujh ko bhi shoq tha naye chehron ki deed ka,
Rasta badal k chalne ki aadal usay bhi thee.

Us raat dair tak wo raha mahav-e guftagoo,
Masroof main bhi kam tha faraagat usay bhi thee.

Mujh se bichhar k shahar main ghul mil gaya wo shakhs,
Haalaanke shahar bhar se adaawat usay bhi thee.

Wo mujh se barh k zabt ka aadi tha jee gaya,
Warna her aik saans qayamat usay bhi thee.

Sunta tha wo bhi sab se puraani kahaaniyaan’
Shayad rifaaqaton ki zaroorat usay bhi thee.

Tanha husa safar main to mujh pe khula ye bhaid,
Saaye se pyar, dhoop se nafrat usay bhi thee.

Mohsin’ main us se keh na saka yun bhi haal-e dil,
Dar-pesh aik taaza museebat usay bhi thee..

Zamaane Aaye

Jab bhi hansne ke zamaane aaye
Zakhm phir yaad puraane aaye

Baar-ha unko manaaya to hamein
RooTh jaane ke bahaane aaye

Phir mujhe toot ke chaaha usne
Phir bichhaRne ke zamaane aaye

Muskuraa kar hamein milne waale
Zindagi bhar ko rulaane aaye

Kitni mahroom thiN neendein unki
Khaab bhi jin ko jagaane aaye

Teri chahat ne Thaharne na diya
Raah mein kitne thikaane aaye

Tu nahi hai to hawa ka jhoNka
Ghar ki zanjeer hilaane aaye

Dil bujhaa hai na jale hain kheeme
Aap kyuN jashn manaane aaye

Isi ummeed pe jaago yaaro!
Ab woh kis waqt na jaane aaye

Raas aaya jinhein sehra ‘Muhsin’
Unki qismat mein khazaane aaye

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