Best Jaun Eliya Poetry – 22 John Elia Shayari You Must Read

Jaun Elia. One of the most popular modern shaayar of Pakistan. Jaun Elia Shayari has become popular a lot in the last few years. The number of fans of Jaun Elia poetry is increasing as well. Jaun Elia poetry is sad and alone.

Many people consider that Shayari of Jaun Elia is influenced by Sufism spiritual thoughts.

Jaun Elia Shayari touches many hearts and souls. When I was reading about him, I found out that he was from Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. I am from Amroha.

It inspired me to write this post. He is a shayar from my city.

Jaun Eliya, or Jaun Elia, or John Elia, or Jon Eliya, all are correct.

Jaun Elia Poetry

Now you have a little bit info on the darkness of Jaun Elia’s life, you will enjoy and understand this Jaun Elia quotes, Jaun Eliya best Shayari in Hindi and Jaun Elia 2 line Shayari.

Jaun Elia Shayari

Justuju – Searching

Bezar – Frustrated

Jaun Eliya Poetry

Bedili – Dejection

Jaun Elia 2 Line Shayari

Sabr – Patience


Jaun Elia Shayari

Dekhbhaal – Care

Jaun Elia Best Lines

Jaun Eliya Shayari Image


Jaun Elia new


Jaun Eliya Poetry

Jaun Elia Shayari

Jaun Elia Shayaris

Intizari – Waiting

Jaun Elia sad poetry

Jabr – Hard (It may be wrong)

Ittefaaq – Coincidence

Jaun Elia Sad Shayari


Jon Elia shayari

Jaun Elia Poetry

Jon Elia Poetry


Jon Eliya Sad Poetry

Tamanna – Wish

Best Jaun Elia Shayari

Jaun Elia Sad Poetry

Best Jaun Elia Poetry

Etiraaf – Acknowledge

Jaun Elia Poetry about life

Hunar – Talent

Qareena – Cup (I may be wrong)

Zehar – Poison

Jaun ELiya Shayari on Love


Jaun Eliya Poetry on Selfishness

Be-Niyaaz – Independent

Jaun Elia Shayari about loneliness

Wehshat – Terrible

Darmiyaane – Among, Between

Huzoom – Crowd

Jaun Elia Shayari for friendship

Mashwara – Advice

Ilteza – Request

Jaun Elia on sad memeories

Azaab – Punishment (May be Wrong)

Jaun Elia poetry on Breakup

Jaun Elia 2 Line Hindi Shayari

Jaun Elia Poetry Hindi Image


अब जो रिश्तों में बंधा हूँ तो खुला है मुझ पर
क्यूँ परिंदे उड़ नहीं पाते परों के होते

क्या सितम है कि अब तेरी सूरत
गौर करने पे याद आती है

सोचता हूँ कि उसकी याद आखिर
अब किसे रात भर जगाती है

जानिए उससे निभेगी किस तरह
वो खुदा है मैं तो बन्दा भी नहीं

हैं दलीलें तेरे खिलाफ मगर
सोचता हूँ तेरी हिमायत में

मज़हबी बहस मैंने की ही नहीं
फालतू अकल मुझ में थी ही नहीं

यूँ जो तकता है आसमान को तू
कोई रहता है आसमान में क्या


jaun Elia Shayari in Hindi


jaun elia poetry


Real Name: Jaun Ashgar, Later adapted the Elia surname.

Date of Birth

14 December 1931

Birth Place

Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Elia Family

Jaun Elia was the youngest of his siblings. His father Shafiq Hasan Elia was involved in the art and literature field.

Rais Amrohvi is his brother. He was also a poet and psychoanalysts.

Childhood of Elia

The environment of books and literary knowledge shaped his life. Jaun Elia Shayari starts when he was only 8.
He studies Arabic and Urdu in Amroha. Jaun learns the English and Hebrew also.


After partition, he moved to Pakistan in 1957. He spent the rest of his life in Karachi.

Married Life

Jaun Elia has tied the knot with an Urdu writer Zahida Hina. The marriage failed and they get separated in the mid-80s.

Political Views

He was a supporter of Marxism. Jaun Elia wanted to see a communist revolution in Pakistan. He dreamt of an egalitarian society.

In his words:

Khush badan! Perahan ho surkh tera

Dilbara! Baankpan ho surkh tera

(O beauty! Here’s hoping your apparel is coloured red

Beloved! Here’s hoping your adolescence is coloured red)

He hated the rise of western culture. The culture of Europe and Western countries disgusted him.

Published work

Jaun Elia was not much into publishing his work. But still, “Shayad” got published. And all other work was published after his death.

  • Ya’ani (2003)
  • Gumaan (2004)
  • Lekin (2006)
  • Goyaa (2008)
  • Ramooz


8 November 2002, in Karachi.

Nature of Jaun Elia – Why People Like Him?

Well, it is well known that the persona of Jaun Elia was unfriendly. He considered himself agnostic.

Jon Sahab never tried to have good behavior with people around him. Known as a stressed person with the load of sadness on his shoulder.

PakistanToday describes Jaun Elia as:

His was a façade of darkness and morbidity. His face was lined with stress and ill temper, and his behaviour was crude, harsh, and rough, often angering many who were close to him, while tolerated by several others because they loved him.

He was a very good writer, there is no doubt in that, but personally, he was mean and even abusive. A lot of friends has left him, but he has lots of fans.

It reminds me of the quote of John Green, from the book “The Fault in Our Stars”.

You’re a shitty person but a good writer.

After the divorce, things get terrible. Elia started drinking more and engulfed the loneliness and depression.

His life was paved with sadness, and he lived through it with the help of his Shayari.

This is the reason, Jaun Elia poetry is sad and miserable.

Hence, the millennial, with their broken hearts and hope, relate to him so much.

Jaun Elia Person Pic

Faizan Fahim

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13 Responses

  1. मज़हबी बहस मैंने की ही नहीं
    फालतू अकल मुझ में थी ही नहीं

    ये शेर अकबर इलाहबादी का है ना कि जान एलिया का

    • हासिम अली खान says:

      काम की बात मैंने की ही नहीं ,
      ये मेरा तौर ए जिंदगी ही नहीं

      • Faizan says:

        जाइये और ख़ाक उड़ाइये आप,
        अब वो घर क्या कि वो गली ही नहीं

  2. Bharat Singh says:

    कितना अजीब हू में
    इतना अजीब की
    खुद को बर्बाद कर लिया ओर
    मलाल भी नहीं

  3. Kunal says:

    Uski ummeed-e- naaz ka, mujse ye maan tha, ki,
    umra guzaar dijiye, umra guzaar di gayee.

  4. Anurag says:

    ये ग़म क्या दिल की आदत है? नही तो
    किसी से कुछ शिकायत है? नही तो।

    है वो एक ख्वाब-ए-बे-ताबीर,
    उसे भूला देने की नीयत है? नही तो।

    (*ताबीर: किसी कार्य के अंत में उसके फलस्वरूप होनेवाला कार्य )

    किसी के बिन , किसी की याद के बिन,
    जिये जाने की हिम्मत है? नही तो।

    किसी सूरत भी दिल लगता नही? हां,
    तो कुछ दिन से ये हालात है? नही तो।

    तुझे जिसने कही का भी नही रखा,
    वो एक जाति सी वहशत है? नही तो।
    (*वहशत :वहशीपन ,बर्बरता सनक )

    तेरे इस हाल पर है सब को हैरत,
    तुझे भी इस पे हैरत है? नही तो।

    हम-आहाँगी नही दुनिया से तेरी,
    तुझे इस पर नदामत है? नही तो।

    हुआ जो कुछ यही मक़सूम था क्या?
    यही सारी हिकायत है? नही तो।
    (*मक़सूम :भाग्य, किस्मत)(*हिकायत :किस्सा; कहानी , बात)

    अज़ीयत-नाक उम्मीदों से तुझको,
    अमान पाने की हसरत है? नही तो।
    (*अज़ीयत-नाक :तकलीफ देने वाली)
    (*अमान :Trust, safety, security, protection)

    तू रहता है ख्याल-ओ-ख्वाब में गम,
    तो इस वजह से फुरसत है? नही तो।

    वहां वालों से है इतनी मोहोब्बत,
    यहां वालों से नफरत है? नही तो।

    सबब जो इस जुदाई का बना है,
    वो मुझसे खूबसूरत है? नही तो।

  5. ADNAN ASLAM says:


  6. मज़हबी बहस मैंने की ही नहीं
    फालतू अकल मुझ में थी ही नहीं

    ये शेर अकबर इलाहबादी का है ना कि जान एलिया का

  7. Jaun Elia Sahab Qamal Ka Likhte Hain.
    Shukriya Aapka ise share karne ke liye…

    उम्र गुज़रेगी इम्तिहान में क्या
    दाग़ ही देंगे मुझ को दान में क्या
    मेरी हर बात बे-असर ही रही
    नुक़्स है कुछ मिरे बयान में क्या

  8. salman pasha Amroha says:

    John Elia sahab hamare Amroha U.P. ke rhne wale they baad me pak chale gye

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