Best Ibrahim Zauq Shayari to Read and Admire

Despite burning of a major portion of Ibrahim Zauq Shayari, there is still lots of Zauq poetry to read.

Sheikh Ibrahim was appointed as a court poet at the age of 19. Such was his literary grasp. Much like Hinton.

The reason for his popularity was the easy language he uses in the Urdu Shayari. His was of writing eulogies has made him reputable shayar of Delhi.

The ghazals of Zauq was not that literary powerful. They lacked the melody because of his strong religious standing. His Shayari looks like preaching.

Rags to Rich

Born in a poor family, his father was merely a soldier in the Mughal Sultanat.

But Zauq had the talent in writing. After not completing the study, he started showing his Shayari to Shah Naseer. Naseer recognized the talent. And helped him to grow.

He spends his whole life under the service of Mughals, where he wrote eulogies for them.

Ghalib and Zauq

The rivalry between Ghalib and Zauq was intense at that time. Zauq was a court poet of Bahadur Shah Zafar, while Ghalib was alcoholic.

Ghalib used to think that his entry to royal court is becoming tough because of the influence of Zauq. Then Zauq was more popular at the time. It was the time when the easy Shayari was considered as good. Ghalib was good but his Shayari was tough for common people.

Critics favored the Zauq, maybe because of Royal status or the arrogant nature of Ghalib.

There are lots of Qisse about their cold war. Some are real, some exaggerated.




Qissa 1:

This Qissa of Zauq vs Ghalib is most popular, and also in the movie of Ghalib.

Ghalib and his friends were sitting in the Market when the Horse Cart of Zauq arrive. At this Ghalib said a couplet:

Bna he shah ka Musahid fire he Itrrata…

At this, people in the Market started laughing. And it becomes the matter of insult of Zauq. In the court, when Emperor asked, Ghalib accepted. He said it is shayar of his Ghazal. And then he started reciting the Ghazal.

Bana hai sheh ka musaahib, phirey hai itraata 
Wagar na sheher mein Ghalib ki aabroo kya hai”

“Having become the King’s companion he shows off arrogantly
Otherwise, what other claims to respect does Ghalib have?”

Watch Here:


Qissa 2:

The second Qisaa was about writing a Sehra. Sehra is sung when Baraat arrives. Ghalib wrote it.

Ghalib Sehra:

Nav bhar kar hi piroye gaye honge moti

Varna kyon laae hain kishti mein lagaakar Sehra

Saat dariyase faraham kiye honge moti

Tab bana hoga is andaz ka gaz bhar Sehra

Rukh pe dulha ke jo garmi se pasina tapka

Hai rag-e-sabre guharbar, sarasar sehra

Yeh bhi ek beadabi thi ke kaba se badh Jaye

Reh gaya aan ke daman ke barabar sehra

Ham Sukhan Faim Hain Ghalib Ke Tarafdar Nahin

Dekh Keh De Koi Is Sehre Se Badh Kar Seh

Zauq Sehra:

Sar pe turra hai muzaiyyan to gale mein baddhi

Kangana haath mein zeba hai to munh par sehra

Runumayi mein tujhe de mah o khurshid o falak

Khol de munh ko jot u munh se uthakar sehra

Kasrat e taar e nazar se hai tamaashiyo’n ke

Dam e nazara tere ru e niko par sehra

Durr e khush aab e mazameen se banakar laaya

Waaste tere tera Zauq sanagar sehra

Jis ko daawa hai suKhan ka yeh sunaa de usko

Dekh is taraH se kehte haiN suKhanwar sehra

You should notice the last line of both Sehra.

The critic said that Zauq’s Sehra was better. But then again Zauq has the influence.

Now see some Zauq Shayari.

Ibrahim Zauq Shayari


Zauq Shayari in Hindi


Best Poetry by Zauq


Ibrahim Zauq

Ibrahim Zauq

Best Shayari be Zauq


Zauq Potery

Zauq Shayari Urdu

Ghalib Shayari


Zauq Shyari Two Lines


Best Ibrahim Zauq Shayari


Zauq Shayari

What is Zauq Meaning?

The meaning of Zauq is of taste. Fun, Enjoyment.

Zauq has lived a good life. He died in 1854. His grave is in Paharganj, Delhi.

Zauq is frequently mentioned in the Ghalib Biography by Hali. Yes, there was a rivalry, but Ghalib was also the fan of Zauq Shayari.

Ibrahim Zauq Grave in Paharganj, Delhi

Out of all these shayars, what Shayari of Zauq you like most.

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    Beautifully written piece. Thank you for highlighting both poets. To answer your question: my fav sher is ” ab toh ghabra ke yeh Kehte hain ki mar jayein…”

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