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There are 90% chances that you may have read Bashir Badr Shayari, on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Bashir Badr is one of the most quoted shayar of Indian Pop-Culture.  🙂  

Well if you want to read more about Bashir Badr, scroll to the bottom.

Or else, just Bashir Badr Shayari.

Bashir Badr Poetry Images  🙂

Bashir Badr Poetry Image

Libaas: Garment

Aitbar: Trust


Bashir Badr Love shayari

Bashir Badr Shayari Images

Sad 2 Lines shayari

Chalak: start flowing || Sabab: Reason


Muhabbat SHayari Bashir Badar


Bashir Touching Poetry Image

Best Bashir Badr Shayari with Pics

Shayari Image


Aankho me raha, dil main utar kar nahi dekha


Bashir Badr SHayari

Bashir Badr Hindi Shayari

Bashir Badr lovely shayari Images

Ohde: Designation


Bashir Badr great 2 lines images

2 Lines Hindi Shayari

Great SHayari Bashir Badr


Bashir Badr Great Poetry of Alone


Best bashir badr Shayari

Urdu Shayari  😀 

Bashir Badr Great Shayari about love

Mizaaj: Nature


2 line shayari


Koi haath bhi na milaayga jo gale miloge tapaak se, ye naye mizaaj ka shahar hai zaraa fasle se mila karo

Bashir Badr Wiki

The Real name of Bashir Badr is Syed Mohd Bashir.

He was born on 15th February 1935 at Ayodhya.

He completed his B.A., M.A. and PhD. from Aligarh Muslim University. Then he started lecturing there.

Later he joined the Meerut College as the head of the department of Urdu.

He was also the chairman of Urdu Academy. 

Bashir Badr Book

Basically, Bashir Badr has written many books. Vari Prakashan published Bashir Badr books in the Hindi language, and thus provided him a wide readership.

This boosted his popularity and his shayr became mainstream.  😎 

He has seven collections of Urdu Ghazals:

  • Ikai
  • Image
  • Aamad
  • Aas
  • Aahat
  • Kulliyate Bashir Badr and more…

You can read more about Bashir Badr books here:

Mir who has written more than 18000 Shers has 72 Shers as remembered ones; relatively Bashir has also written more than 12,000 Shers and 72 of his Shers have also been marked memorable.


Bashir Shahab received the Padma Shri by Government of India in 1999.

For “Aas”, Indian Government honoured him with Sahitya Academy Award in Urdu.

Awarded with “Chirag Hasan Hasrat Award”.

Bashir Badr Death

Bashir Badr is not dead yet.

His age is 83 years as of 2018.

In the end, we wish, May Bashir Badr live a long life.

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Bashir Badr Shayari Image

Bashir Badr Shayari Image

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