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Ali Zaryoun Poetry is getting popular, Thanks to Social Media. He is getting the fame he deserves.

He is a young poet from Pakistan. Ali Zaryoun Shayari is full of swag and there are signs of attitude. He is aware of his blunt Shayari tbh.

According to his words:

My poetry often targets stereotypes and social constructs and I try to infuse a sense of realization in my readers through my poetry.

But nobody actually knows who this young poet is. I thought of writing Ali Zaryoun Introduction


Who is Ali Zaryoun?

Ali Zaryoun is an Urdu Poet and Song Writer from Pakistan. He is from Lyallpur, Faislabad. Ali Zaryoun was born on 11 November 1979.

Ali Zaryoun officially started the poetry in 1999. There used to be a weekly ‘baithak’ by the name of ‘Mufakkar Academy’, near his house. That ‘baithak’ provides him his first audience.

From there he started poetry regularly

Finally, he was invited to ‘Aouj e Kamal’ in 2007. In a year he was sharing the stage with Waseem Barelvi and Munawwar Rana. 

Along with Urdu poetry, he also writes in Hindi, Punjabi, Farsi, and English. Ali Zaryoun also writes songs.

Let’s enjoy his poetry. 🙂  

Tum Sarwat Ko Parhti Ho, Kitni Achi Ladki Ho

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Ali Zaryoun Poetry

I hope you enjoyed all these Ali Zaryoun Shayari.

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🙂 🙂

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