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Daryaganj Book Market is a place in Delhi named Daryaganj, which is popular for many things such as food, books, and markets.

This place is a good place for book buyers as you can get very good deals on books.

The best part is that they sell books by weight and by number.

Now the market has moved to the Mahila Hatt. The place is at opposite of the Delite Cinema Hall.

Daryaganj Book Market


Daryaganj Book Market

Place is known as Daryaganj Book Market

The market is a gem for book lovers.

You get not only good price books but if you have good eyes, you might find collection editions too.

Many books are old and come here through many hands, in this way one catch first editions and some rare editions.

I got the Private Peaceful, the signed edition, in the very good edition.

That only in 50 Rupees.

Watch this documentary:


Time of Daryaganj Book Market

Book market open at 9 AM.

They start arranging books early in the morning.

But the best time is to reach there is around 10-11.

There will be books, and all books will be out there.

Address of Daryaganj Book Market

It is near Jama Masjid and Lal Quila (Red Fort).

Not very tough to reach here so.

Best time to get there is 10 AM.

If you are living in Delhi, this is a road must be taken.

You can reach here via Delhi Gate Metro station.

Important tips for going:

  1. Be prepared to walk, as it is like one and a half KM long road with books piled on the footpath. So wear shoes.
  2. The bargain is possible at some stalls.If ou buying in bulk, then everywhere is possible.
  3. When searching books in a pile, search by Publication House. (experience)
  4. Go with a backpack, you need it.You do not want to roam with your hands full of books. Water-bottle.
  5. Wear shoes. I already said this, but this is important.
  6. Do not keep your mobile or money in the bag. Put them in your pocket safely.
  7. At least take two rounds of the market.
  8. Buy hardbacks if they are cheap, does not matter if you want to read them or not. You can always gift them.
  9. Better if go with friends, but chances are you buy better books if  you are alone.
  10. Do not get excited if you are going for the first time, do not invest your money at first shop as you might get the same book at less price at the next shop.
  11. Do not go by car. Traffic and Parking and all. Do a rickshaw. Easy.

If you are planning to go, just ping me, I will give you company. If I am free.

The chances are I will be free. 🙂

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