Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Product For the TFIOS Fans

The Fault in Our Stars is the most popular book by John Green. Every other line from the book is a memorable quote. And the most popular one is – Maybe Okay will be Our Always.

The first time I read it, as a Harry Potter fan I was that time, I liked it a lot. Harry Potter references in other books are welcome surprises.

Always is one of the words that is associated with the harry potter series. It is from the Deathly Hallows, chapter: Half-Blood Prince when Harry get to know the reality of Severus Snape.

We all remember that scene. And Alan Rickman has performed it excellently.

In The Fault in our Stars, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters chat, and keep saying Okay-Okay to each other. And then establish that this Okay will be their Always.

This quote has blew up a lot, and it would not wrong to say, that there are people who might have read the book after reading this quote.

Maybe Okay will be our Always quote has many products in the market, and you can own them at cheap prices. In this post, I am going to list some product that you can by right now to keep the quote forever with you.


Maybe Okay Will be Our Always Hoodie

Maybe Okay Will be Our Always Hoodie

Hoodies are the best thing to wear in winter. Every gender will agree with that.

You can have this hoodie in six different colors. It’s a nice attire for college, party or any excursion related activities. I think this must be the best thing to wear to go to any Book Fair or Book Event.

And again, who does not love hoodies? 😎 

Maybe Okay T-Shirt

MayBe Okay Will be Our Always T Shirt

I already ordered this T-Shirt, and once it will arrive, I will show you how it looks.

But T-Shirt looks fine on me, so I am sure it will also look great. 

This T-Shirt is perfect for:

  • College
  • Party
  • Trips
  • Book Events
  • Movies
  • Booktuber
  • Anything…..

You can get it in more than 6 colors. But I like this yellow one more than any other color.

Maybe Okay Mug

Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Mug

The Mug is great to click pic for Instagram. But that is the secondary purpose.

Primary is to drink tea out of it. 🙂  Or coffee.

And it will look extremely pretty sitting on your desk. You can keep it on your shelf too.

Well, most people keep these type of cups on their bookshelf.

Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Sticker

Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Laptop Sticker

Not many people like to ruin their laptop with stickers, but some do.

And for those who feel okay with doing such type of harassment with laptops, Laptop Stickers are a way to go.

If you like TFIOS enough, you would get this sticker. But then, you Maybe sending the wrong signal by this sticker to someone who might read this. 😆 

But that the thing about showing love, it always bites you.

Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Phone Case

Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Phone Case

I personally don’t like putting the cover on the phone, but I see people investing a whole lot of money on this. 

Mobile phone should be vulnerable, instead of surrounded by a powerful shield. Live your life with some risk, and throw that Mobile case out.use your phone without it.

But still, you want to increase the weight of the phone, buy this one. It will not change your life in any way, but at this point, nothing will.

Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Notebook

Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Notebook

Yeah, if you are a complete nerd, then go for it. But there are chances bullies might be attracted to you if you carry such things.

It’s a simple notebook, buy anyone from your local shop. Get A4 color print, and paste it on the cover. 

Tada, your homemade book, in half a dollar, or less.

This product does have silver lining though. Like, if you taking interview of an author, for youtube channel, this will look nice in your hand. The audience will trust you more if they think you live your life around books and there is nothing more to it.

So, go for it. As I say it if you want to look like a complete nerd.

Maybe Okay Tote Bag

Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Tote Bag

Buy this book, and do the marketing of the book you loved so much.

You re helping the author you love, because people will see your bag, and think, they need to read this book.

But, don’t use it in the college, people will think that you are still in School. It is best to take this to do the book shopping, and nothing else. For every occasion, it looks like some event has given it to you in return of influence marketing. 

Buy the product, and still, people think its free stuff from Publication House. Yeah !! that’s the dream of every book reader.

Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Bookmarks

Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Bookmark

Bookmarks, well, I personally don’t use them. 

I use tickets, they are more personal to me. The ticket of Metro, or Bus, or Museums, or any event. They feel good to use in the books.

But if you like to click pic of the book, you may need fancy bookmarks. So, go get them. 

You can tons of them from Aliexpress, eBay, or Amazon. At a very cheap price.

Maybe Okay Will be Our Always Zipper Bag

Maybe Okay Will Be Our Always Zipper

Finally, a product that is more useless than any product.

A Zipper Bag cost a dollar. But put a popular quote on it, and voila!!, it’s 25$ now. Amazing.

It is similar to that Tote Bag, and it will look like a gift from Publisher. Invest your money and give credit to someone else. 

Who use Zipper bags? Mostly girls I think, and Arts students. 

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Final Conclusion

All the product are useless, except for the T-Shirt and Hoodie. Hoodies are great for winter, and the style would not go out. It’s a popular book. Same for the T-Shirt.

And they are good because you can easily start a convo with people. You always have ice breaker with such indicative fandom clothes.

So out of all these, Maybe Okay will Be Our Always Products, only T-Shirt and Hoodie is the one you should buy if you are thinking to buy any.

They both are the product of TeePublic. But you can get such type of clothes from Amazon, and Aliexpress too. 

Aliexpress is a better choice tbh. Just search them on Google. Or message me, on Instagram or comment here. I will show you how to get them at a good price.

Don’t become the victim of Marketing.

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