Funny Greentext Related to Books You Must Read

These GreenText stories about books will surely make you laugh today. Some may hurt you but most of them are funny.

Well, but, if you don’t know, What is Greentext?

Greentext is a popular feature of 4chan sites. 4chan is a site where people anonymously discussed many things, and most often share their embarrassing stories.

Telling a story through Greentext is easy, but the method needs the practice to make it funny. 

book and greentext

These few Greentext stories related to books will show you:

Greentext Stories About Books

greentext about books

Well, Anon is angry because of teenagers. Teenagers are ruining the motive of nihilism

Anon knows the true reason Nietzsche wrote those books.

green text related to books

Such a nice and small message from the Anon. 

He is reading a book. And likes announcing it. Like we all do n Goodreads and Twitter.

books an greentext

We all do this. This is how true bookworms get high.

That’s why there is so many Instagram account who are selling Book Smelling Candles.

That pic clearly indicates the smell of the books, it is so clean. Anon knows what he is saying.

funny greentext story about books

Sad thing happened with the Anon. He deserved better, but he had the book with him.

Maybe those girls are pretty, but the Anon is a reader. Beuty will fade, but the wisdom will remain for some time.

really comic book greentext

He just wanted to read the Fifty Shades of Grey. But his father was right. Maybe the father was also a bookworm and does not want his son to read such stupid literature.

Now I am not hating on FSoG, but I am not gonna read them. 

I do read Harry Potter Smut sometimes, but that is the limit of how much I am into this genre.

But Anon might have read the book in the future. 😆 

teacher recommends a terrifying book

This is some horrible recommendation from the teacher. The teacher thought that Anon will not read, but she does not how stubborn adolescent could be.

Anon get trauma from his teacher.

man tries the idea

Such a lovely idea. 

But No.

Anon did the practical, and it was hilarious. 

TBH I will never do it. For one, I never sell books, second, I am too shy to do things like this.

sad romantic story of a bookworm

It was sadder than many published books.

If the person you are dating suggests you a book, you must read it. They are allowing you to enter their circle through the book.

Always take the book from bookworms and read it, because they do it so rarely. And you are a chosen one.

Anon paid the price, sadly.

brave book reader greentext story

My man, Anon tried to be Brave. But he has all the bad luck.

Anon wanted to read a complicated book with lots of endnotes, but what he gets at the end, BEATING.

plothole in Harry Potter series

Here, a person finds out the glaring plot hole in the Harry Potter series.

Well, there are many plot holes in HP, it is not perfect, but Anon finds the big one.

Does any Harry Potter fan has any answer?

4chan user read a book in a day

Read 120 pages in one day. It is not a big deal.

But he did the effort, and then the teacher extends the deadline. Happen few times with me, but then I become the late submitter myself.

greentext story about books

So he bought books and went to burn them.

Things we do for Love, truly, are epic. But good thing they were not actually burning the book, so Anon was just stupid in this case.

But why would you joke about burning the books?

Greentext stories about books

Reading makes you happy.

Reading makes you sad.

Reading do have amazing powers.

Darrren Shan series

Books are dangerous. They inspire people too much.

Now I understand why they burn books. 🙂 🙂 

Harry Potter crtiscism

Never I looked at the Harry Potter series like this.

Anon do have serious life experience that I obviously lack.

You can tell this shit was written by woman

Best Review Ever by Any Harry Potter Disliker.

Farenheit 451 review in greentext

If you have not read the Fahrenheit 451, absolutely no worry.

Here is the most accurate summary you ever gonna get anywhere. This is what it all about. Reading a book, and disobeying the orders. 

get inspire by Lord of The Flies

Again a boy gets so much inspired by a book. Books do have magical control over the reader.

That’s why they were burning the book in Fahrenheit 451.

The book can transform a person, the influencing power is extremely high.

Classic Lord of the Flies Quotes from the Book

GreenText Stories About Books

greentext about books

So do you like these stories? And do you want to read more?

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Now the last one, quite long, but funny:

weird and funny story

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