69+ Facebook Groups for Book Lovers For Fun-n-Learn

There are so many Facebook Groups for Book Lovers, that one search could provide you a lot of results.

Then, you have to tweak searches, change keywords, and then, there are more Facebook Groups for Book Lovers.

From series specific to author specific to genre-specific.

So, in this post, I am providing you a list of Best Facebook Groups for Book People.

There, you can interact with like-minded people, share meme, pictures, amazing fan theories, and discover a new face of your fandom.

Facebook Clubs for the Book Lovers

Some Amazing Facebook Stats:

But let’s see how active these groups are.

  • 68% of Americans use Facebook.
  • Each visit to Facebook lasts 10-12 Minutes.
  • 200M people are members of Meaningful Groups.
  • India has the highest number of Facebook users in the World.
  • 51% of Teens use facebook.
  • 74% visits Facebook daily.

You see. Despite the success of Instagram and Snapcat, Facebook is still a highly active community on the Internet.

These active users are part of communities, groups, and pages.

Facebook Groups for book Lovers

Before the list, let me tell you the common base of all these groups.

  • All these groups are active. 10+ Posts a day.
  • There are many types of Book Groups, but I excluded the Author exclusive and Series exclusive groups.
  • There are niche targeted groups on the list.
  • There are groups for writers and promotion groups.
  • In the list, there are groups for Book Bloggers.
  • The members of the groups could be of any kinds, so it’s up to you what group you choose to join.

Nothing much. Now the list.

Book Club on Facebook

List of Groups

General Book Groups

All About Fiction Books

?? All Novels Group??

Amazon.com Books

Aroma’s Books, Books and more Books!!!





Coffee & Books

Fiction Is My Addiction

Free Kindle Books

I’m Not Obsessed, I Just Love To Read

Literary Classics Book Club

Online Book-sharing Community

Passion for Books

Silent Book Club

The Great American Read Book Club

The Real Fiction

Turning Pages Book Club Group

We Love Reading Books ?.

Book Lovers? Café☕️

Genre Specific

BOOKED – The Crime Fiction Club

Books of Horror

Crime Book Club

Crime fiction readers

Fantasy Book Club

Historical Fiction Book Club

Horror, books and brains

Horror Novels

LGBT Books & More


Romantic Thrillers, Mysteries & Suspense Books

Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Fans

YA Book Addiction?

Book Events and Promotions

Author Events Around the World

Book Deals for Broke Bibliophiles

Book events and promotions II

Give Me Books Event Bloggers

Free Books & Book Reviews Promotion

Mystery & Thriller Publicity and Book Club

RGR – M/M and LGBT Book Events 

Share & Promote Your Books, Ebooks & Audiobooks

Book Bloggers


Book Bloggers

Book Bloggers Association

Book Bloggers, Book Lovers and Reviewers

The Book Blogger’s Resource

YA Book Bloggers

For Writers


Amazon Kindle Goodreads

Author/Publisher/Editor/Book Readers

Goodreads Authors/Readers (FB)

Novels and Editing group

Short Fiction Writers and Readers

Spanking Fiction Readers and Writers Forum

Book Covers

Book Design Cover Marketplace

Book Covers and Cover Artists

Indie Author Book Covers for Sale

Premade Book Covers and Artists Worldwide

Book Collectors

Book Collectors

Book Collectors – Antique & Vintage Only

First Edition

Old & Rare Books(Selling and Buying)

Rare and Collectible Book Lovers!

AudioBooks Lovers

Audiobook Addicts

Audio Books Only!

Free Books and Audiobooks For Readers

Wattpad Readers

Ebook University (WATTPAD STORIES)


Wattpad Stories?

Wattpad/Ebook Readers”Promote Stories & Wattpad Softcopies”

Wattpad Collective




Funny Groups

Librarian memes

Literary Jokes & Puns (or GTFO!)

I was deleted from Literary Jokes & Puns (or GTFO!)

Facebook Groups for book Lovers

You can use these groups to promote your books or ask for suggestions. You can meet like-minded readers, and make friends. 

Book groups on Facebook

Many people add each other and follow each other on Instagram and other Social Media accounts.

The rules of each group are different, I recommend that you read them before posting.

Some groups allow promotion of your books, some groups don’t. Some allow link sharing, but some don’t.

There are various groups of various kinds of activities. You will find one that will suit you the most.

And don’t forget to share the post on Pinterest or any Social Media, if you liked the post, or the post is able to help you in any case. Thanks.

Add your Group

And hey, if you have a group that you want to add to the list, leave it in the comment. Or message me on Instagram.

May the Odds be in Your Favour. 🙂 

Faizan Fahim

Hello, welcome to this blog. Just writing reviews of the book I like. Also, favorite quotes, poetry, memes, sometimes other topics too, but always related to literature. So join me on Twitter to talk to me.

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