Best Young Adults Books Must Read for Everyone

YA fiction or Young Adult books is a category of fiction published for youth readers.

The ages of the target readers of this fiction are 12-18 Years. But that is only a number.  Because those best young adult books are read by the majority of the book readers.


What is YA Fiction?

There is a whole debate on what could be considered as YA fiction, or what could be Teen Fiction. The Middle-Age fiction like Percy Jackson is also a Young Adult. While Giver directed at kids, however, is Adult book series.

As the Guardian tells, ‘YA definitely doesn’t mean a solely young adult readership unless we elide (or are charitable about) the “young”. At YALC, Meg Rosoff revealed that 55% of YA titles are bought by adults.’

YA fiction is a big and popular category. The audience is Massive in number. And increasing day by day.

Here is the list of 25 Best young adult books, that are popular,  why you should read them and why don’t.

Each of these books is popular, deep into the genre, and has average 4-star ratings on Goodreads.

If anyone starting reading books, or want to start reading the books, these are the books that you must go first.

Why are these best Young Adult books?

These books are unique in story, has an interesting theme, and have all the magic and spice to make a young reader goes into the book.

I will talk about each book. I will tell you what makes that book special, and why you should give it a read.

All these books have the power to move you, make you cry or laugh. But every book is not for everyone. So, I will be giving each book a short spoiler-free review, so you can make your mind.

Let’s Jump into it.

Best Young Adult books to Read


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This series is epic.

This is the series that gave the rise to dystopian novels. Before that, there was Giver series, popular but not that read by many. 1984, A classic, but not YA. More books were there, but not this popular.

Story: The Hunger Games series is about a girl, Katniss Everdeen. The government in power, select people from the Districts and make them kill each other in an arena. They show it as a reality show.

Katniss Everdeen becomes the face of revolution when she goes against the Government in the game.

The series is about that revolution. Revolution that started by a girl, catch fire in Catching Fire and fly free from the Capitol in Mockingjay.

How does the revolution start?

What kind of politics happens to overthrow a Government and make a new one? The impact of media, the way media controls people. How powerful people use to media, and fear to control mass?

Suzzane Collins is a genius, and she has written a story of love, fight, corruption, mind-games, and strategies.

With gore, blood, and death count, Hunger Games becomes a must-read ya book.

Hunger Games Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: The Hunger Games

Author: Suzanne Collins

Pages: 374

Series: The Hunger Games Series

No of Books in Series: 3

Published Date: 14 Sep 2008

Publisher: Scholastic Press

First Line: When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold.

My View: Totally deserve the first place. Love this series. Best YA Book of All Time.

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Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone by Rowling

Harry Potter series is not a series, it is a magical journey.

I don’t think I should say something about this epic saga of friendship and classical fight of Good vs Evil. You all know.

Story: When the Dark Lord trying to fail a prophecy goes to kill a year old Harry Potter, his spell backfired. Harry Potter gets the abilities beyond his age, and become popular in the Wizarding World as ‘the boy who lives’. The Dark Lord is not dead yet. Four books later, he rises again, and only Harry Potter can kill him.

The story is not that unique tbh, but the world-building is what puts this book among the other classical fantasies, like Lord of the Ring and Narnia.

Joan Rowling has built an extensively rich universe full of wizards, witches, werewolves, vampires, talking snakes, and a magical school where all kind of crazy stuff happens.

Other than that, characters motivations are real-life historical figures. Like Hitler, and Stalin.

Harry Potter has a huge fan base, that never gonna let Harry Potter fandom die. Read this book, and you become a part of a big, old and immortal fandom forever.

Harry Potter Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Author: J K Rowling

Pages: 320

Series: Harry Potter Series

No of Books in Series: 7

Published Date: June 1997

Publisher: Bloomsbury

First Line: Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.

My View: You may have watched the movies, but you don’t have any idea what you are missing.

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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars has become a worldwide phenomenon.

This love story has broken many records of success. The time when, love stories were not working good, and the ya dystopia was on the rise, John Green dropped one of the most popular love stories of the decade.

Story: This is a heartbreaking tale of two cancer patient. Hazel Grace and Augustus Water, both were in cancer supporting group. This is a story of their love and the tragedy. And their infinity.

If you have not read a book, you must have seen the movie. Pretty sad that piece of cinema is.

You need to read this book. If you think the movie was sad and heartbreaking, then you only can guess the pain this book can cause.

My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.

The Fault in Our Stars Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: The Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green

Pages: 320

Series: No

No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: 10 January 2012

Publisher: Dutton Books

First Line: Late in the winter of my seventeenth year, my mother decided I was depressed, presumably because I rarely left the house, spent quite a lot of time in bed, read the same book over and over,, ate infrequently, and devoted quite a bit of my abundant free time thinking about death.

My View: But this one is the I don’t like a lot. For me, Paper towns will always be his best book. 500 Pages with 100 pages worth of tale. Read this: John Green Best Books.

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Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent triology by Veronica Roth has become a huge sucess in dystopia. It comes second after Hunger Games in terms of popularity in young adult dystopian fiction.

The books is a young adult book with all of the senses, brave and idiot teenagers with guns, and rebellions groups and the politics make it a tight story.

Story: 5 Factions. And when a person comes to a certain age, he takes the exam, that tells in what factions he fits most. Divergent people have abilities to join more than 1 faction. That makes them unbalanced and rarity, which means dangerous to society.

As the story moves from second to the third book, we learn a lot about the world and the philosophy it is running on.

The protagonist is brave and takes decisions. Tris Prior is more leader than Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games), and there is lots of action in the book. High tech and simulation full of series.

Divergent book cover

Summary of the Book

Book: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

Pages: 487

Series: Divergent Trilogy

No of Books in Series: 3

Published Date: April 2011

Publisher: Harper Collins

First Line: There is one mirror in my house.

My View: It is a copy paste of Hunger Games, with a little bit of world change, and more powerful heroin. I Like it though.

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The Giver by Lois Lowry

One of the Dystopian classics, which is still have great reader following. The Giver by Lois Lowry is full of philosophical question, human morals, and ethic.

Even the story is epic. With lots of metaphor and sharped writing skills, Lois Lowry has written an interesting children book that any age person could enjoy.

The community is a metaphor for restriction and censoring; it limits the choices of an individual until they have none left, removing joy from life. —- The Telegraph

Story: A community where everyone lives a template life. And great thing is, none of the people has any memories of the past. All the memories are kept by an old man. Jonas is selected as the receiver of the memories. As Jonas start receiving, he starts learning new things about society, by which everyone else is unaware of.

He realizes what weight memories carry. In the end, he goes against the same community which he learned to respect from childhood. The moral takes over the duty.

the giver book cover

Summary of the Book

Book: The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry

Pages: 208

Series: The Giver Quartet

No of Books in Series: 4

Published Date: 1993

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

First Line: It was almost December, and Jonas was beginning to be frightened.

My View: This is good stuff, even better than The Hunger Games. Must go for this book series.

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The Book Theif by Markus Zusak

Narrated by the death itself, The Book Thief is most popular young adult book set at the time of Nazi Germany. The history is not much, the writing is little bit weird and the metaphors are off. Still the book is enjoyable and full of elements that will make you sad.

This is World War 2 Book, critically acclaimed but mostly hated by the Goodreads community.

Story: In a fictional town, a family hides a Jew. The death tells the horrible tales of death and destruction of World War 2. A little girl is there who sometimes steals the book. Basically, it is a story of a family hiding a jew.

The book is big but not the story.

the book thief book cover

Summary of the Book

Book: The Book Thief

Author: Markus Zusak

Pages: 584

Series: Nope

No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: 2005

Publisher: Picador

First Line: First the colors. Then the humans. That’s how I usually see things. Or at least, how I try.

My View: Totally hate this book. Worst metaphors and weak writing. But it is popular for a reason, and you may enjoy it.

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City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

My second favroite fantasy series. City of Bones is first book of The Mortal Istrument series. The debut book of Cassandra Clare.

Cassandra Clare started with writing the Fanfiction of Harry Potter, popular Draco Trilogy series. Soon Cassandra Clare was signed by Simon Publication and City of Bones was the step into the fandom that spans into more than 20 Books, one very bad movie, and popular TV series, Shadowhunters.

The Shadowhunter Fandom is popular. Too popular in the Young Adult Fantasy genre.

The universe has everything under the fantasy umbrella. Wizards, Warlocks, Necromancers, Lycans, Vampires, Humans, Faeries and what not.

Story: City of Bones is the first part of TMI, so let me tell the story in brief. It is about a revolution that happened a long time ago. Result of which civil war happened in the Shadowhunters. The Clave (gov.) won, but the leader of rebellion hides. Now the leader is coming back to change the system.

It is a story of a person going against corruption in government and taking extremely wrong decisions. It is a story of love gone wrong, and how an idea of bringing justice to humankind can blind even the smartest people.

There are lots of books, and the world is big. You can enjoy it a lot.

city of bones book cover

Summary of the Book

Book: City of Bones

Author: Cassandra Clare

Pages: 485

Series: The Mortal Instrument Series

No of Books in Series: 6

Published Date: 2007

Publisher: Simon

First Line: “You’ve got to be kidding me,” the Bouncer said, folding his arms across his Maasive chest. He stared down at the boy in the red zip-up jacket and shook his shaved head.“You can’t bring that thing in here.”

My View: Must enter this fandom. If you are a beginner reader, you should read this series just after you finish HP.

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Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

This one is the prequel of The Mortal Instrument. Not exactly prequel but the events of this books happen nearly a century before The Mortal Instrument.

The writing and the world building drastically improve in Clockwork Series.

The series was praised by many book clubs, and writers because of the captivating description of the 18th century. The story happened in the same shadow world. But there is diversity in characters that you cannot miss admiring.

You find lots of family line of this book in the TMI and that make whole of the fandom deeper.

Story: It is a story about a mad scientist who makes his own army of robots that kind of move on Angel fuel. There are Tessa, Will and Jem, three characters, all too much in love with each other. They bring down that scientist. The series is just amazingly thrilling.

clockwork angel book cover

Summary of the Book

Book: Clockwork Angel

Author: Cassandra Clare

Pages: 481

Series: The Infernal Devices Series

No of Books in Series: 3

Published Date: 2010

Publisher: Simon

First Line: The demon exploded in a shower of ichor and guts.

My View: Reading this series will enhance the fun of TMI series. You will see the characters lines, and be able to make touching relation with the whole series.

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Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

The first part of The Dark Artifices series. This is a sequel of The Mortal Instrument series. The events took off from the The Mortal Instrument ends. But with different characters and different story.

The Mortal Instrument is about a person trying to finish the Clave, but these books show how a person become so passionate about finishing a Cave. It shows the mean law and sympathy-less lawmakers.

Story: In the Dark War (the War that happened because of Jonathan Morgenstern and Valentine Morgenstern), Emma Carstairs’s parents go missing. Everyone thinks they died, but Emma was sure that there was someone else who took the opportunity of the War and has done something with her parents.

She investigates it, with the help of Julian, her parabatai. They discover the ancient love story of Necromancer and a Blackthorn.

With all these three book series and Shadowhunter Codex, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, and Bane Chronicles, you will become too much invested in Cassandra Clare fandom to ever stop reading her.

lady midnight book cover

Summary of the Book

Book: Lady Midnight

Author: Cassandra Clare

Pages: 698

Series: The Dark Artifices

No of Books in Series: 3

Published Date: March, 2016

Publisher: Simon

First Line: “It’s just not working out,” Emma said. “This relationship, I mean.”

My View: Do read this series, and you will find yourself more and more inclining towards Valentine’s philosophy. Villain’s ideology starts to look fine, then. You will see how harsh the law is.

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The Lightning Theif by Rick Riordan

All the knowledge I have of Greek mythology, I dedicated to this series. Percy Jackson and the Olympian series is one of the most popular fantasy series in kid’s section.

And don’t think it is only for kids, NOPE, you will enjoy the series regardless of your age.

Rick Riordan has also developed from the interesting story writer to good writing writer. Similarly to Cassandra Clare.

Story: In a world where Greek Gods have human kids (Demigods – half human, half Gods). these Kids have powers, similar to their parents but less intense. Three Big Gods (Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus) pledged that they will never have human kids, as their kids are more powerful than regular God’s kids.

But there is a prophecy, that only the Kid of one of the Three Big Gods will make the decision to future of Gods when he will turn seventeen.

A Half-Blood of the eldest gods // Shall reach sixteen against all odds,

And see the world in endless sleep // The hero’s soul, cursed blade shall reap,

A single choice shall end his days // Olympus to preserve or raze.

It is interesting to read the prophecies and then follow the characters in their journey. The prophecies always turn out right, just not in a way you think.

Not only this, the series is important, as you will read the Heroes of Olympus series. Heroes of Olympus is peculiar and must read. The writing has developed a lot, and there are lots of instances that are still embedded in my brain.

It is like 5 years I read the book. I still remember Percy arriving at Camp Jupiter, Dragon, and fighting with the dead.

lightning thief book cover

Summary of the Book

Book: The Lightning Thief

Author: Rick Riordan

Pages: 375

Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

No of Books in Series: 5

Published Date: March 2006

Publisher: Disney Publishing

First Line: Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.

My View: The greatest part of the series is looking at Percy Jackson going from “Please don’t kill me” to “I will kill all of you, monsters, fight me”

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky

This the book that will make you sad for the instant. But, the more you think about it, the more you will find the manipulative ideas of the book repulsive. The Perks of Being a Wallflower offers everything that a young adult reader needed.

It is an audience targeted book. Like Stephen Chobsky has talked to himself that what is popular in teenagers. And he created the list of elements to put in the book.

  • Suicide- Done
  • Depression – Done
  • Sexual Abuse – Done
  • Boyfriend hitting Girlfriend – Done
  • Sex with Senior Girl – Done
  • Secret Gay Couple – Done
  • Anxiety and Self-Harm – Done

I mean the book has everything. And you will certainly like it. But, it is not something that will make you feel peaceful or soothe you. Or open your eyes. It is just a sad drama.

Story: Charlie, a young boy, with an old soul is depressed because his best friend has killed himself. He becomes friends with seniors. Twins seniors: Boy and Girl. There are many sub-plots going on. In the end, he realizes the reason for his depression is not his best friend’s suicide.  🙁 

perks of being a wallflower book bover

Summary of the Book

Book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Author: Stephen Chobsky

Pages: 211


No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: February 1999

Publisher: Pocket Books (Simon)

First Line: August 25, 1991. Dear friend, I am writing to you because she said you would listen and understand and didn’t try to sleep with that person at that party even though you could have.

My View: Read this, as most of the people consider this “The Breakfast Club” of this generation. You will learn how to make fool of emotionally weak people. And I am one of those people who get sad after reading such books.

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Looking For Alaska By John Green

The first book of John Green. And the first book that actually made me sad.

This was also the debut novel of John Green. He won the Printz award for this. I cannot say much about the book without spoiling it. It will be better for you to have a blank mind.

I wish I could read this book again without knowing the answers, or questions.

Story: Pudge Halter comes to the same school his father attended. He has habits of reading biographies and remembering the last words. In school, he meets Alaska, and fall in love with her at the very first sight. But the girl is a hurricane with lots of issues.

As the story moves, you get sucked into a tornado of wrong decisions and the consequences.

Looking for Alaska Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: Looking For Alaska

Author: John Green

Pages: 221


No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: March 2005

Publisher: Dutton Juvenile (Penguin)

First Line: The week before I left my family and Florida and the rest of my minor life to go to boarding school in Alabama, my mother insisted on throwing me a going-away party.

My View: Despite cliche writing, and quirky characters, I enjoyed the book. With this book, John Green started to make Nerd people cool. It deserves reading.

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The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The same in line with The Hunger Games and Divergent. But it is even worse than Divergent. The concept is bizarre and the similarity with the Divergent is uncanny.

The Hunger Games is a political book, showing the games of power and revolution. But this series cash out the popularity of Dystopian Trilogies with the Young Adult protagonist at that time.

James Dashner does not stop there and continues to write the prequel of The Maze Runner.

Story: A group of boys living in a place, with no memories. The place is surrounded by moving walls and haunted by mechanical creatures. The only way out of there is to solve that Maze. Of course, the same thing happens that happened in the Divergent series.

With a very disappointing end, the series makes you ask only one question. If this is the end, why do all that crap at the name young adult books?

The Maze Runner Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: The Maze Runner

Author: James Dashner

Pages: 384

Series: The Maze Runner

No of Books in Series: 3

Published Date: October 2009

Publisher: Delacorte Press (Penguin Random House)

First Line: He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air.

My View: If you have not read The Hunger Games or Divergent, you can go for it. Otherwise, there is nothing fresh.

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Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

GoodReads choice award winner in 2013. Although Fangirl is far better than Eleanor and Park, but nothing can beat the love story of an Asian boy and a Fat Girl. Set up in 1984, the racism full era.

What makes it so popular young adult book is

  • GoodReads: If GoodReads queens love your book, your book is going to be a bestseller.
  • Teenager Characters: I will give the point for that too. Young Adult characters are not easy to write but, Rainbow truly captures the essence.
  • Romance: Love stories are the most selling genre. This genre itself does not make it so popular, but the difference is being in good, and being good in the best thrilling genre.

Story: What do you think would be the story of a Love Story? Two so-called unfit kids find love.

A girl arrives in the town. She is fat, so no friends of her. He is Korean, so little bit racism. However the relationship grows, and suddenly teenagers are madly in love with each other.

Eleanor Park Book Cover

Summary of the Book


Book: Eleanor and Park

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Pages: 328


No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: April 2012

Publisher: Orion (Hachette)

First Line: XTC was no good for drowning out the morons at the back of the bus.

My View: Surely, as a Love story, the book is good. You will certainly enjoy. Just don’t search something extraordinary.

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The Selection by Keira Cass

Another YA Dystopia triology with a girl protagonist. The society is again deivided into groups, this time levels. Yes, there are test to comepete, and the result will decide the future.

The Selection series comes under the romance genre. And this is one of the big reason of its success I think. Another dystopia trilogy, like Hunger Games or Divergent, were not about romance. On the other hand, this young adult book series target for young girls. With lots of girls doing girl stuff to win the heart of Prince and becoming a princess.

Story: I think I already told the story. It is about girls picked from every level. They will compete and the winner will marry the prince. Some political drama to give depth to the novel.

Selection Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: The Selection

Author: Kiera Cass

Pages: 336

Series: The Selection

No of Books in Series: 5 (3 Original)

Published Date: April 2012

Publisher: Harper Collins

First Line: When we got the letter in the post, my mother was ecstatic.

My View: I only read the first book. Too much girly for my nature. I suggest no if you are a boy. 

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The Outsiders by Hinton

This is amazing. If you have not read it, just buy it right now. The Outsiders “Stay Gold Ponyboy” is one of the most popular quoted lines. The book has a diversified fan following.

Aside from that, the books are part of many school’s curricula. The book always reminds me of my school days.

This classic novel by Hinton is still kicking. Hinton has written great YA book at the age of 17.

Story: The story of Outsiders is pretty simple. It is about two gangs in a town. Both gangs are made up of young school kids. They fight now and then. Until one time, a person of a gang kills the person of another gang. It is a story of how two worlds, with all the differences, are quite the same at the basic level.

The Outsiders Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: The Outsiders

Author: Susan Eloise Hinton

Pages: 192


No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: April 1967

Publisher: Viking Press (Penguin)

First Line: When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home.

My View: Must read this book. You will not regret. There is a rarity when a book written by a teenager becomes a classic. Complete Review.

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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

This may be the book that made Raibow Rowell popular in young adult fiction. And this is the first book of Rainbow I read.

The book is not exactly superb to say, but the protagonist is a reality of many female readers. An introvert girl going to college, and she writes fanfic, she is more popular and cool on the internet than in real life, this all the quirks and characteristics make her likable by the book community.

I like her too, though I have never written a single fanfiction. I think I don’t have that talent.

But what is different than another book?

Many writers write such a character.

The writing of Rainbow Rowell set it apart. As noticed, Rainbow remembers how it is to be a young adult. She writes those character with honesty, and that makes this book separate.

I am not a big fan of Eleanor and Park, but I really liked Fangirl.

Story: Cath, a fan of popular fantasy series (Harry Potter), writes fanfiction with her sister. She is a fan, as a big fan, as a total fan. Her sister get to college, and she left the fandom, but for Cath it is difficult.

When Cath start college, now she has to start a life, separate from her sister or dad. It shows the struggle, of leaving behind your fandom, or childhood. And here she read The Outsiders.

Fangirl Rainbow Rowell Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: Fangirl

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Pages: 459


No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: September 2013

Publisher: St. Martin (Macmillan)

First Line: There was a boy in her room.

My ViewSure, go for it, You will realize what goes into the head of Cassandra Clare, E L James, or Stephanie Mayer. And other devoted fans.

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Throne of Glass by Sarah Maas

It would not be wrong to say that Sarah Maas has helped a lot in throwing out the Dystopian Trilogy Wave from the Young Adult Books. Sarah Maas and Saba Tahir, and Victoria Aveyard, these three authors helped a lot. I should mention Bardugho too. Read this.

There was a time, books similar to Hunger Games were rolling out back to back. But then comes out the Throne of Glass. Which the readers accepted with open arms. Even readers who hated the first book, for some reasons, loved the next books in the series.

As Emily May has said in her review.

It was like the author listened to every piece of criticism I could have thrown at the first book, listened to everything I loved and everything that irritated me… and then wrote a perfect kind of book.

Story: Deadliest assassin hired by Prince itself, for a deadly competition. By winning it, she could get her freedom back. But as usual, she is not only an assassin, she is more than that. And She is unaware, she doesn’t know who exactly she is. She is a badass female character.

The book has reached its finale, and this really is an interesting young adult book for females to read. I read it, and as I said, the first book is a little bit slow, but it gets better with every book.

Throne of Glass Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: Throne of Glass

Author: Sarah Janet Maas

Pages: 406

Series: Throne of Glass

No of Books in Series: 7 until now

Published Date: August 2012

Publisher: Bloomsbury

First Line: After a year of slavery in the Salt Mines of Endovier, Celaena Sardothien was accustomed to being escorted everywhere in shackles and at sword-point.

My View: Yes, similar to Cassandra Clare world, the world of Sarah Maas is bigger and wider. Seven books and many novellas make it a big world to enter. Fantastic series, if you get past the first book.

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I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Printz Award Winner of 2015. I’ll Give you the Sun has what many Young Adult Books are missing nowadays. That is a gripping tale.

Many books play on emotion or grief of the protagonist, but this book does tell the tale of the family struck by misfortunate events. It shows the darker spots of human hearts. Be it, kids, or adults, we all are just the toys in the hands of our fate, and all we can do is hope for better.

But the truth is we don’t do better, not for others, not for us, all we do is create less for everyone around us.

I read it two years ago, and I still remember, the jealousy among the siblings. The unrequited love stories. Destruction of a happy family and how each member is dealing with it.

Story: Twins, girl, and boy, are not talking to each other after an incident. Before the incident from the by PoV, and later years were from the girl. The only chance of repairing the lovely relationship of brother-sister is through communication. But they have to find a way.

Both have their half story. And the incident that happens, they both are related to it.

One of the saddest book I read.

I'll Give you the Sun

Summary of the Book

Book: I’ll Give You the Sun

Author: Jandy Nelson

Pages: 371


No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: September 2014

Publisher: Dial Press (Penguin)

First Line: This is how it all begins. With Zephyr and Fry — reigning neighborhood sociopaths — torpedoing after me and the whole forest floor shaking under my feet as I blast through the air, trees, this white-hot panic.

My View: If you are oaky with some awkward metaphor, this might become one of your favorite books.

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All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

If you liked The Fault in Our Stars, you will like it. I am sure of it. And if you hated TFIOS, All the bright Places is not for you. It was GoodReads Choice Awards of 2015.

Both books have the kinda same premise. But, I find All the Bright Places more fun to read. Maybe because I find mental illness more serious illness than Cancer. I mean, Cancer is something, that you cannot relate.

But mental illness, well everyone has them. In one form or other. Or else, the story is romantic, and you can easily guess what going to happen. But you still read because you want to know more about characters.

This is the problem with this Mentally Ill character or people. You start caring for them.

Story: A girl learns to live from the boy who intends to die. The boy, full of mischievous energy, or you can say of chaotic nature, do everything he can to heal the girl. The girl is grieving after the death of her sister. She is depressed, and the boy finds the purpose of his life in making her happy.

Maybe because he does not have any control over his own happiness, so he chooses to select for the girl.

This is the same thing happening over the internet, where sad and depressed people make memes, and other people laugh at them. While the creator remains sad.

All the Bright Places Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: All the Bright Places

Author: Jennifer Niven

Pages: 378


No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: January 2015

Publisher: Knopf Publishing Group

First Line: Is today a good day to die?

My View: The book is about suicide, and you don’t have a problem with the books that extract your emotions, go for it.

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Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugho

One of the finest fantasy of this decade. It was not much popular until 2017. released in 2015, and got hit in 2017. And in few months, the book sold Leigh Bardugho’s other works too. Six of Crows duology is independet, but it is set up in a same Grisha Verse, Bardugho is creating from 2013.

Good things take time, but finally, readers noticed it, and as I said, one of the finest Young Adult Fantasy book of this decade.

This may be the first book I read with Physical disable character. Kaz Breker may not have best legs, but still, he is the most terrifying creature that roams on the streets of Kettrdam. Criminal Prodigy, with other 5 criminals.

All the characters have different from each other, like Friends series. But assume that they all are freaking killers, and hate each other.

Story: The team of six criminals has offered a lot of money, in exchange for a rescuing mission. But the mission is impossible to complete. Even with their talents, and powers, the enemies are very tough to defeat.

Another issue is they all hate each other. There are chances that they will kill each other.

Six of Crows Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: Six of Crows

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Pages: 495

Series: Six of Crows

No of Books in Series: 2

Published Date: 2015

Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.

First Line: Joost had two problems: the moon and his mustache.

My View: If you have not read a good fantasy for a long time, give it a try. I enjoyed it so much that I have not even written the review, and started the next book.

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It’s Kind of a Funny Story by New Vizzini

From the first line, Funny Story shows how real this book going to be. When you read it you find out that It’s Kind of a Funny Story is actually a funny story, about depression. Yes !!

We read books about depression and it is always in the same sad tone, where character divulge into philosophy. But Ned Vizzini does not do that. He makes fun of depression self. And not for a single moment, he let the reader think that the protagonist is in some kind of good situation.

We always see that Craig is going through a hard time. But the book is actually funny. How it is possible, well, you have to read the book to uncover this.

Story: A boy, tired of college pressure, checked himself into a Mental Hospital. There he met all sort of people, miserable, mad, broken, and full of self-hatred. He finds happiness at the place where all the sad people reside. It is a story of Craig spending a few days in a psychiatric ward and learning to live.

It is so sad that Ned Vizzini’s book is inspired by his life. And later he shot himself.

It's Kind of a Funny Story

Summary of the Book

Book: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Author: Ned Vizzini

Pages: 444


No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: April 2006

Publisher: Hyperion (Disney)

First Line: It’s so hard to talk when you want to kill yourself.

My View: Among all the depression stories, this one has a unique voice and charm. It is optimistic as well as realistic.

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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Mara Dyer trilogy is paranormal teenager romance. But  from the second book it turns into a Pscyological thriller. And by the finale, it all comes out as a Teenagers with Super Powers. But not all the power is positive.

There are many instances in the book cause goosebumps. Like a small girl killing the whole village with a blink. With the background set up in India, the story of the witch become more terrifying.

The story spans three generations. There is a doll. And there is an organization that is working towards killing these adults. The organization knows that someone with too much power is rising, and they are preparing their weapons.

The series is a complete package if you have not read many Paranormal Young Adult books. This one also inclines towards romance a lot. But good type.

Story: After an accident, that killed all of her friends, Mara is suffering from PTSD. Her family changed the place. But there are hallucinations that come and go. For Mara, they are real.

As the book moves forwards, lots of question arise, and the book becomes kind of addictive. Mara Dyer as clueless as the reader of what is happening. She does not know what she is, except people around her die in creative ways. Later the findings changed the whole course of the book.

The backstory of other Mara is of the little girl growing in India.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Author: Michelle Hodkin

Pages: 452

Series: Mara Dyer

No of Books in Series: 3

Published Date: September 2011

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

First Line: My name is not Mara Dyer, but my lawyer told me I had to choose something.

My View: Stephen King did not scare me, but Mara Dyer successfully made me stop reading the book, so I can check around me if there is anything lurking.

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Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

This is my first book by Sarah Dessen. Just Listen is everything I can expect from Sarah Dessen.

Sarah Dessen, Nicholas Sparks, and Cecelia Ahern, I find their writing kind of same. Now for the reader who has read lots of books from these authors could disagree, but I have read a few books from each author. The resemblance is too clear for me. Just Listen made to the various list of best young adult books on various blogs.

There is always girl whom problem has to be solved by the boy. Or vice-versa. Just Listen is a popular Young Adult book, no doubt. Because of the subject matter, but the book is good too.

A mix of This Song will Save your Life and Falling into Place.

Story: The popular girl who loses all her friends in a single night. Then she made a friend with a boy who is not popular, and she finds him interesting. Gradually, she comes out of the shots and repairs all of her relationships and friendships.

In doing so, she and the boy start falling for each other. It all started with talking to each other in song lyrics.

Just Listen Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: Just Listen

Author: Sarah Dessen

Pages: 371


No of Books in Series: –

Published Date: April 2006

Publisher: Penguin Random

First Line: I taped the commercial back in April before anything had happened, and promptly forgot about it.

My View: This is Sarah Dessen, you will not be bored. Good for gifting, and if you like music, this will be a nice treat for you too.

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A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

The book is absolutely heart-breaking. Finish in one sitting kind of book.

Death of a parent is a heartbreaking event of any normal life being. And to write a book with a Middle-Age kid protagonist, dealing with it. Well, the book really deserved the hype.

The book talks about the lies we told ourselves to protect us from the damage while knowing that those lies we telling us are causing more damage. But we continue doing that.

Your mind will believe comforting lies while also knowing the painful truths that make those lies necessary. And your mind will punish you for believing both.

Same thing Conor was doing, when the Monster arrives to meet him.The Monster that will force him to admit the truth.The truth that will kill the Conor, but it is the only way the Monster will leave him alone.

There is some amazingly written part in the book that you will remember forever. The Monster constantly telling Conor what to do. Finally, Conor tells the truth, and the Monster leaves.

Story: Boy’s mother is dying of cancer. Boy is getting bullied in school, boy is breaking all his friendship, boy has lots in his mind. But then the Monster comes and start telling him stories. And return he ask for his story. Conor is sure he will die if he says anything.

A Monster Calls. But who answers? And Who calls the Monster? What are the stories Monster tells? Who is a MONSTER?

A Monster Calls Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: A Monster Calls

Author: Patrick Ness

Pages: 237


No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: May 2011

Publisher: Walker Books

First Line: The monster showed up just after midnight. As they do.

My View: I thought Cancer is Monster, but NO. The Monter was worse than that. The truth of Conor is something that will hurt you too.

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Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

Latest book by John Green. John Green is definitely one of the best young adult books writers in the industry right now. Turtles All the Way Down, like all other John Green books, is full of catchy dialogues. With edgy teenagers. But the Protagonist has anxiety, so edgy is what she must be.

John Green needs some kind of mental/physical illness to revolve his story. Be it cancer, depression, prodigy, or anxiety. The next book may have Alzheimer.

John Green’s book also has poor characters, in terms of financial status. In this book, best Friend of Aza is poor, and when she learns that they could win money if they found the millionaire who is missing, she made Aza for the search.

But there is a spark between Aza, and Millionaire’s son. A romance blooming, while the anxiety is getting bad and bad. The inner questioning of Aza, and the searching for the answer within the person.

John Green’s books are in the line of searching for some answers. It started from Looking For Alaska, where he sees the world at the most fundamental basis. As the mistake and forgiveness between friends. In Paper Towns, the focus is on the individual, Roth. A group is trying to find her, but the individual does not want to be found. The individual is better left alone. In Abundance of Katherine, the book is trying to find the answers from the genius mind. A prodigy. In math. Now, this Turtle book is on a more deeper level. It goes on the cellular level. To identify what makes human beings to think or to do what they do.

We don’t talk about TFIOS. That stupid book.

But what could be the question?

Story: Girl has anxiety and OCD. Her best friend is poor. Near there house lives a billionaire but now he is missing. To get the reward, they try to search him, ends up in his manor. The son is a long lost friend of Girl. The feeling resurfaces, and they spent some time together.

On the other hand, the Girl deals with overwhelming anxiety.

Turtles All the Way Down Book Cover

Summary of the Book

Book: Turtles All the Way Down

Author: John Green

Pages: 290


No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: October 2017

Publisher: Dutton (Penguin)

First Line: At the time I first realized I might be fictional, my weekdays were spent at a publicly funded institution on the north side of Indianapolis called White River High School, where I was required to eat lunch at a particular time — between 12:37 P.M. and 1:14 P.M. — by forces so much larger than myself that I couldn’t even begin to identify them.

My ViewIf you are John green fan, or like any of his other books, this book will not disappoint you.

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On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Printz Award 2009. This amazing novel of Melina Marchetta is what YA Books look like in their full glory. If there is a scale for YA Meter, this book would get full marks.

With opposite-attracts love story, with totally insane friends groups, and gangs battles. Running away, suicides, and complex backstories, Jellicoe Road is captivating for any person. And these are only the basics.

With on-point chemistry of characters to their madness level heroism, one of the most solid side characters I ever read is in this book. I can talk about this book a lot.

The writing prose, the secrets, and the tugging of various characters.

Story: A place, where there are three gangs, fighting for the territory. Locals, Cadets and Jellicoe School. Taylor Markham is a leader, and it is her responsibility to plan the fights. But she has to find who her mother is? Why she abandoned her?

And Hannah, the lady who runs the school is absent. Left behind a draft copy of a story. Taylor trying to makes sense of all of it, discover the truth of the Territory Wars. About the cadets and her own identity.

On The Jellicoe Road Book Cover


Summary of the Book

Book: On the Jellicoe Road

Author: Mellina Marchetta

Pages: 290


No of Books in Series: 

Published Date: August 2006

Publisher: Penguin

First Line: My father took one hundred and thirty-two minutes to die.

My View: Jellicoe Road is one of my favorite. Really !! You have to read it to watch the chemistry between the characters.

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Best Young Adult Books

Best Young Adult novels

You have read the list of best young adult books, I hope you have made your mind. Or else just comment and let me know what kind of books you are trying to find to read. I may suggest some good novels on the subject.

Or you can contact me on Instagram.

All these young adult books are wildly popular. For any beginner, or to gift to any person, these books will be awesome. If you are a person who reads, then I am sure you have read more than half the list.

So the question is, how many of them have you already read, or how many of them are you going to read.

Leave it in the comment.

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