Top 10 Best Sudha Murty Books to Begin Reading Her

Are you looking for the best Sudha Murty Books?

Do you want to read Sudha Murty books and don’t know where to begin?

Don’t worry, in this post I will tell you the top 10 Sudha Murty books to read. You can begin from there.

I will be writing about the books vaguely, to save you from any spoiler.

10 Best Sudha Murty Books

Here is the list of Best Sudha Murty books

  1. How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories
  2. Gently Falls the Bakula
  3. The Old Man & his God
  4. The mother I never knew
  5. Here, There and Everywhere
  6. Dollar Bahu
  7. The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk
  8. House of Cards
  9. The Serpent’s Revenge
  10. Mahashweta

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories

How I Taught my Grandmother is a collection of 25 incredible moral value-based stories. The stories are semi-autobiographical and belong to the local folklore of the Sudha Murty’s hometown.

The titular story is about the Grandmother, who learns to read. In rural India, women are not allowed to get an education. The Grandmother was hooked to the novel Kashi Yatre, and her granddaughter used to read it for her. But when she went to marriage, Amma decides to learn reading.

It is such an inspiring and lovely story.

Moreover, there are 24 more beautiful stories in the book.

Gently Falls the Bakula

Gently Falls the Bakula

The debut novel of Sudha Murty talks about love and how the non-acknowledgment kills the purest thing in the world.

Childhood love grows up to something sacred. The boy becomes successful, while the girl supports him with her whole heart. She sacrifices her study for her but later realizes she wants to grow too.

This is heartwarming, yet a sad story of two people who fall in love and then out of it.

Sudha Murty’s writing captures the emotional turmoil of the female character, and that’s what makes the book so fantastic.

The Old Man and his God

The old man & his God

This is also a collection of 25 stories, but this time, Sudha Morty tells the real story of people. The book is more of a travel diary, in which she writes about the people she met in her life.

Every story she tells, every character she introduced to us, has a lesson to give.

The story’s underlying theme is how the corporate culture and the modern world have stripped the people from kindness. How people are not compassionate anymore, and sadly, rudeness has become a qualitative measure of intelligence.

An excellent non-fiction pack of stories that talks about human values.

The Mother I Never Knew

The mother I never knew

The Mother I Never Knew consists of two novellas. Two men on the quest to find about their mother. But afraid if they will like what they see?

One man saw his look-alike and find out about the first marriage of his father. He decides to make amends with his stepmother, and get to know more about her.

Another man finds out that he was adopted after his father’s death. He looks for her biological mother and finds his loyalty oscillating between the biological mother and the adoptee’s mother.

The wiring of the Sudha Murty is amazingly lovely and straightforward. And despite the simplicity, the book manages to dig the human nature through the story.

Here, There and Everywhere

Here, There and Everywhere

Here, There and Everywhere is the 200th book Sudha Murty, and it is a collection of 22 short stories.

The stories are about the life of Sudha Murty and how she started writing and mastered her art. The writing is simple, and you can feel the humbleness of Sudha Murty through the words.

The book will bring out the hidden emotions and will make you think about your surroundings. This is the magic of Sudha Murty books that she portrays the problematic ideas with simple language.

Any age person can read and enjoy this book.

Dollar Bahu

Dollar Bahu

Dollar Bahu is another fantastic novella by Sudha Murty.

The topic of this topic is quite mature, and the books tell the story of an Indian family that thinks America, in general, is a rich country.

It is a black and white book with a character that has a single dimension personality. The story aims to show the Indian families that the West’s world is different from the east, but that does not mean the place is better.

Both societies have their pros and cons, and one has to live there to understand the grass on that side fully.

Dollar Bahu is funny, eye-opening, and a quick book to read.

The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk is another excellent collection of stories based on the life experience of Sudha Murty.

As with every book, the writing of this book is also beautiful and straightforward. The stories are about the ordinary people Sudha Murty encountered, and she is telling their tales.

You may meet so many people every day, but you dont know the story of anyone. But Sudha Murty know and she tells it to us.

The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk is one of those anthologies where we get to know ordinary people’s extraordinary stories.

House of Cards

House of Cards

House of Cards is about how the desires of the mundane world kill the relationship. Sudha Murty writes about a girl in this book.

She comes from a small town and falls in love with a doctor. But soon, she finds herself drawn to the worldly things. Her husband joins the private sector, and he starts earning a lot. But as they rise in status in the city, differences begin to arise in their relationship.

The tone and the language of the book is simple, as Sudha Murty does with every book. But she explores the relationship dynamic of the couple in-depth. How the husband wants to scale up in his life, while the girl does intend to stick to the root.

It’s a simple book that you can read during your travels.

The Serpent’s Revenge

The Serpents revenge

There are so many tales in Mahabharatha, and in The Serpent’s Revenge, Sudha Murty tells some.

The book has a collection of stories, in the simple language of Sudha Murty, that you can read to your kids.



This is my personal favorite Sudha Murty books.

The life of the girl changes overnight when she finds out a white patch on her skin. It turns out she has leukoderma. She had to come back to live with her parents.

Here we find to see how society pressure a woman?

But the narration is compelling, and Sudha Murty is not sadistic.

The girl moves to Mumbai and builds her life against the odds. There she made new friends, supportive ones, and live a better experience.

One of the points I get from this book is that villagers often nod and say that city people are mean and rude. But most of the time, the rural areas are full of savages. They hate their kinds and force them to follow a pattern.

However, you should read this book. It is a fantastic journey of a female character.

Final Words

These are the best ten books of Sudha Murty.

If you are starting, start from any of the Sudha Murty books I mentioned in the list.

If you need more book recommendations, you can contact me on Instagram.


10 best sudha murty books

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