All the Novels I Read in January 2024

I read 11 books in January 2024 — all thanks to the new year energy. Here, I will list all the books I read in January 2024 and talk a little bit about them.

For some books, I already did the complete detailed review, while for some, I might do it in the next few days. I also made a video on the same topic.

#1 Burned by Thomas Enger

Thomas Enger might be the first Scandinavian author I read. The only reference I had for the Scandinavia is this comic skit. So, I entered the book with this mindset. That the book would be grim, and the murderer would be someone close to the victim. The video fits to some extent, which is cool.

A reporter coming out of tragedy to work under a person whom he trained. A murder that seems to be staged. The reporter wants a story so the web magazine can get clicks and ad placements. To search for the exclusive story, the reporter follows the leads that the crime department ignores.

burned thomas enger

I did mass media, and there was a time I wanted to be a reporter. But it turns out investigative journalism does not want me. The book reminds me of the thrill, reminds me of what I never had.

Well, the book is good, and I will read Thomas again. I am not saying this because the book ends on a cliffhanger, but I like this one.

#2 The Kitchen’s God Wife by Amy Tan

the kitchen gods wife amy tan

The Kitchen’s God Wife might be my 4th or 5th novel by Amy Tan. Reading so many of her books, I started to observe the similarities, and now she has become boring. Completing this book was itself a feat for me.

After the first few chapters, where the story is about a woman going through an illness, the new book begins with the story of the mother of the woman. That story takes 70% of the book. It is like someone takes you to McDonald’s and brings out their lunch. There is nothing wrong with your lunch, but the premise of McDonald’s meant something.

#3 Until It’s Over by Nicci French

It was a crime thriller — with many characters. Though I do not like movies and books with many characters, this was fun. They all lived in the house, like many roommates, while each had a separate personality and life.

Fun to read the banter, jokes, and even how they react to the news of murders & killings. Until It’s Over was fast-paced, and I guess I will give the writer another try. Although this one, and Burned (the first book in the list), ends on a confession recording (when the criminal confesses everything, and the other person has a hidden recorder) — which I disliked.

#4 Exactly What to Say by Phil Jones

exactly what to say phil jones

Excellent sales book. If you want to become a salesman or someone who can convince anyone, this book could be a great help. As the title promises, the book tells you exactly the phrases, words, and sentences you can use daily to make people do what you like.

At least, these sentence gives you a way to be more influencive with your speech.

#5 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib

1 page marketing plan allan dib

Short and straightforward way to learn marketing in a way that you can make a plan for your small business. But it’s for beginners. As I have been working in marketing for some time, all the content in the book was only good to refresh my knowledge and not actually add something.

However, it is enough for me. Refreshers are as important in life. We should not take anything for granted.

#6 Every Light in the House Burning by Andrea Livy

all the light in the house burning andrea levy

First sad book of the year. There is no plot in this book. A daughter and mother going through the dying father. The book captures how helpless human beings actually are in the face of death. All the guns, bombs, and technologies cannot prepare you for the death of your loved ones.

If read from an angle, the book seems to be on the same tangent as The Monster Calls. The daughter never felt like The Monster Calls Boy, but the mother did. The book is about memories and grief – which is the result of the happy time one spends. The author shows the happy time parallel to the dying father, which gets heavy sometimes.

#7 Islands in the Stream by Hemingway

What a boring book — an alcoholic rambling. Does not make sense to me why people like Hemingway. It must not be because of only one book, The Old Man the Sea???

#8 The Kiss of Life by Emraan Hashmi

the kiss of life emraan hashmi

They say never learn about your heroes. Also, never see the kitchen, enjoy the food. However, the book was written by Emraan himself with help from someone. So, it is heavily censored. TBH, there is no scandal to Emraan Hashmi. He never had a controversial life. Sanjay Dutt, Rekha, Amitabh Bachchan, and Salman Khan are people with the life worth reading.

Reading this book made me realize my life is also not worth reading. Well, the book is partly about Emran Hashmi’s career and partly about his cancer survivor son, Ayaan. We learn how he became an actor, how he reacted when he heard the cancer news, what they did during those months, what he do when movies flop, and so much information about the Bollywood families.

Read the complete review of The Kiss of Life.

#9 The Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

Very detailed story of time. How we calculate the distance, our reference point to the universe, how the universe functions, how the theory takes shape, and much more. The book really opens the universe for you in very easy language. All the scientists you might have read in your school, all make a comeback here.

For anyone even a little leaning toward science, this book would be hella fun.

#10 Persons Unknown by Susie Steiner

persons unknown by susie steiner

Another crime thriller on the list. But Person Unknown was a soft crime. A banker dies, and police arrest the son of one detective. Now, that female detective is in the middle of the action and has to prove her adopted son’s innocence. The investigation was as weak as could be, and they just blame it on the black kid — or we can say the author used this angle to have a motivation for the protagonist to be present in the book.

Frankly, I did not even like her. Other characters were much better and likable. Read the complete review of Persons Unknown.

That’s it

These are the books I read this month. Next month, I will surely read less. See you soon.

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