All the Novels I Read in February 2024

I read seven books in February. The month was a little slower than January 2024. One reason was that I was sick for several days, which killed my reading energy. But no worries.

Let me give a reading experience summary of each book.

#1 Windmills of the Gods by Sidney Sheldon

Read Sidney Sheldon after a long time, and it was as fast as I remember. High stake political drama where young girl is somehow entangled — this is trademark of Sheldon. The assassins, lies, sex, romance, guilt, deceit, mind games, and marketing — Windmills of the Gods pack the complete punch.

I found out there is a mini-series on this novel, which I intend to watch in the future.

#2 Are You Afraid of the Dark? by Sidney Sheldon

The second book by Sidney Sheldon was a little tiring. First, it comes across as so stupid when you follow the protagonists for 400 pages only to the antagonist dying by accident.

What am I supposed to do if the heroes does not deliver? Why make them the hero in the first place?

Are you afraid of the Dark? was the cat-mouse game where the cat wins, but then the dogs kill the cat. For the entire book, you are with the mouse. Terribly stupid plot.

#3 The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo

Classic of the month. It took the largest chunk of time of this month.

Behind the story of a deformed boy and her crush, a gypsy girl, is a history lesson about Paris. What is Paris, its value, its architecture, its impact, its market, people, culture, and population? Everything is in the book. Once Paris is done, the writer starts talking about the Cathedral in detail, from its planning to construction to its existing state.

However, I enjoyed the story of the hunchback of Notre Dame, as little was there.

the hunchback of notre dame book review bookaapi

#4 Survivor (Lolly Bruce #1) by Roberta Kray

This book reminded of Misbegotten. Survivor turns out to be very different from what I expected. Even when reading the book, you can’t say what this book is about. In a few chapters, the direction of the book changes.

At the heart is the missing girl. The story is of a girl whose mother killed herself, but it turns out she was not her actual mother. So there is always suspense about whether this girl could be the missing girl. I am happy that the author offers the ending. I was afraid of the open ending, which could have frustrated me a lot. After reading the 600 pages, I deserve to know the truth, and Roberta Kray provided it.

I hear there is a sequel to it, too, but I don’t think I will read it.

survivor by roberta kray book review

#5 Falling by Emma Kavanagh

This book wins the surprisingly award of the month book award. It is not superbly good, but it exceeded my expectations. The converging storylines, the small mistakes leading to big consequences, and overall a tragic backdrop.

Falling is full of snow and regrets. Emma Kavanagh captures the melancholy and anguish with her writing — and reading it is as gloomy as it could be.

falling emma kavanagh book cover

#6 Keep Him Close by Emily Koch

This one was quite fast and engaging. What amazed me was the reasonability of the character. The mother whose son died — that was the personality you do not find easily in the book — rarely in female form.

You typically find a cold male protagonist, but that coldness is often the cliche of being a hero. Here, the female is shown so capable and reasonable that you begin to suspect if she even loves her son. But grief comes in all shapes and sizes, and by the end, you realize one should be allowed to mourn in one’s own way.

Even in sadness, we want people to cry in certain ways — which this book discusses in detail.

keep him close emily koch

#7 Deceive Me by Karen Cole

Karen Cole took you on a roller coaster ride with this book. At the end few chapters, you don’t get the breathing space. It’s twist after twist after twist.

I believe the writer really let her intrusive thoughts win with that ending. For a surprise, Deceive Me is terrific. But as a book, I can’t say the same. Because there is no foreshadowing for that ending, one can write anything to bring that aaaaaaaaaaaa factor.

I mean, aliens can be introduced on the last page—it will be surprising, but will it match the book? Still, I enjoyed the unpredictability.

decieve me karen cole

That’s it

These are the books I read in February. In March, we will see. I have completed The Wrong Man by Jason Dean and Find Her First by Emma Christie.

I don’t know which one I will pick next. Maybe a classic.

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