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Kay Oliver bio:

Kay A. Oliver, a celebrated author and esteemed Hollywood insider, is an innate storyteller whose creative spirit has illuminated her life’s journey. With an enduring passion for literature and the written word, she has embarked on a dedicated mission to craft stories that ignite joy and captivate the hearts of her readers.

Oliver’s signature easy-to-read style transforms her books into irresistible page-turners, brimming with unexpected twists that leave you spellbound.

Kay Oliver

What inspired this book?

This book was inspired by an uplifting news blurb that caught my attention during the closing moments of a news broadcast. It featured a remarkable young man who fearlessly approached a complete stranger and made a unique request. Intrigued by the potential in this brief glimpse of a story, I immediately turned to the internet in search of more information and possible narratives, only to discover a scant few lines about the incident.

The premise was too compelling to ignore, offering a profound opportunity to explore the far-reaching consequences of that audacious request and how it could profoundly alter not only the young man’s life but also that of the stranger and everyone they touched. And so, I set out to pen their story.

How long did it take you to write?

After watching the news segment that inspired my curiosity, I embarked on an extensive research journey, delving deep into the topic. The initial phase of crafting the first draft consumed approximately 8 months of my time. Subsequently, the meticulous process of editing and revisions occupied an additional 2 months to ensure the final product was polished to perfection.

Why should our readers read this book?

This novel, inspired by a true story, explores life’s challenges and complexities as they naturally unfold. It delves into a myriad of issues that any individual, at some point, encounters, and grapples with. None of us exist in a one-dimensional vacuum; we all carry our personal histories, often referred to as “baggage.” The same holds true for the characters within the narrative. The central objective of the book, aside from the quest for hope that I mentioned earlier, is to illustrate how these characters navigate the turmoil that life throws their way. All readers can relate.

Would you say this book showcases your writing or is it a departure from it?

“Road to Elysium” represents a departure from my previous literary works, as it doesn’t fit neatly into the historical fiction genre. While some have classified it as historical fiction with biographical elements, it’s important to note that my earlier novels, despite their contemporary settings, still bore a substantial historical fiction influence.

In essence, “Road to Elysium” diverges from my typical writing style by incorporating a unique blend of elements, making it a distinct work within the bibliography, inspired by true events. While my prior works maintained a strong historical fiction thread, even within their contemporary narratives, “Road to Elysium” treads a different path, offering readers a fresh and unconventional reading experience.

What do you hope readers take away from this book?

In “Road to Elysium,” the protagonist Ken embodies the idea that even when it seems like hope is extinguished, and the future remains bleak, a single spontaneous action can become a catalyst for profound transformation. This is exemplified through the bold and decisive actions taken by Mykel within the narrative. Mykel’s choices vividly illustrate how a moment of audacity can wield the power to reshape one’s world irrevocably. The story serves as a compelling reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a courageous leap into the unknown to shatter the barriers that confine us.

What are you currently working on? Do you have any other releases planned?

Just released on October 3rd is an old west, 1870, historical fiction- action adventure touched with a bit of romance.

Titled: Whispering Lessons: Renegade Hearts:

Amidst the untamed wilderness of the Old West, where chaos prevails and lawbreakers roam freely, a courageous band of frontier educators embarks on a daring journey through the tumultuous aftermath of the Civil War. Regardless of the frontier they visit, these remarkable women captivate the attention of men from every walk of life. Unbeknownst to all, their nomadic existence serves to safeguard an enigmatic secret. In the midst of this adventure, Kandice grapples with conflicting emotions as she encounters the town’s sheriff, unexpected sparks of romance igniting between them.

Presently, I find myself immersed in the creation of a new novel, one that delves into the life of a young girl and the compassionate man who opens his heart to her following a tragic incident involving her parents. This man himself had endured a challenging upbringing within the foster care system, and he’s resolute in ensuring that the young girl doesn’t suffer the same hardships he once endured.

With his wife now gone and having successfully raised two boys to adulthood, the decision to bring a young girl into his home, years after his sons had grown, propels them on a poignant journey of discovery and growth. Driven by unwavering good intentions and boundless love, the narrative unfolds over the course of a year, filled with both highs and lows, as well as the unforeseen twists that life has in store for them.

Road to Elysium

Road To Elysium

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