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Frank Giammanco Bio:

Frank Giammanco is an author and a business consultant based in northern New Jersey. He went to West Babylon High School and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Fordham University. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Frank honed his skills in the publishing industry with roles in editorial, sales, and management. As a consultant, he brings his expertise in business planning, marketing, social media, and content development to clients.

Frank Giammanco blends his publishing industry experience with his writing talent to publish his first-ever fantasy and fiction masterpiece, “Lord of the Wood,” which takes the readers on a thrilling quest to search for Bigfoot.

Frank Giammanco

What inspired this book?

I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, and things that go beyond the pale. However, with this story, I wanted to create something unlike your classic spooky tale. Hence, my monster (i.e., Bigfoot) is a very different type of character—more prankster and comedian than savage beast.

I tried to make most of my characters offbeat and quirky so they would intrigue readers and be less predictable.

How long did it take you to write?

It took me approximately five years to complete the book, largely because I owned and ran a periodical publishing business simultaneously. So fiction writing was never the primary agenda.

I can tell you this, while writing can be frustrating work, this process was personally illuminating and a lot of fun.

Why should our readers read this book?

Again, I think your readers will find the unexpected in “Lord of the Wood”. Presuming I did my job right, the book is funny, odd, a little surprising, and offers readers many teachable moments.

One of the responses I often get when I ask readers how they found the book is “I didn’t see it coming”. Which pleases me, lots.

Would you say this book showcases your writing or is it a departure from it?

I think the writing here effectively identifies my voice as I understand and try to convey it. The writing isn’t lofty nor is it meant to be. I don’t see myself as the next Thomas Wolfe. There are some complexities to it but as I’ve said (countless times) I wanted the book to be fun and stimulating.

What do you hope readers take away from this book?

I certainly hope readers find it to be a satisfying, entertaining read. As mentioned, there are a few nuggets of insight in the pages that may make readers reflect on their own lives, but my first advice to any prospective reader is simply, “Have a good time”.

What are you currently working on? Do you have any other releases planned?

In addition to business books and industry biographies which are vestiges of my previous life, I’ve begun work on a second book that takes a key character from “Lord of the Wood,” Emerald Nemi, and brings her from the Pacific Northwest to a new, challenging life in New York City. There she has yet another series of paranormal experiences, having nothing to do with Bigfoot, but hopefully delivers the same entertainment levels.

Lord of the Wood Cover

Lord of the Wood Cover

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