Feedback for the Beta-Reading

The feedback I received for the beta-reading. Source for each one.


Faizan did an excellent job beta-reading an excerpt from my manuscript for Henry: From the Other World. He brought up many points I hadn’t considered, and I will take his point seriously when I revise further. I would recommend his beta-reading services to any writer.

—– D. W. Collins (Author of Fast Draw)


Thank you Faizan, you did a great job and brought to my attention some things my story was missing. Very insightful feedback and great to work with.

I give you two thumbs up 🙂

Like the other two said, Faizan is a really in depth beta reader who will point out things you never would’ve seen. He gives you detailed feedback both in a separate document and makes notes in your manuscript itself. The price he charges is cheap compared to the amount of work he puts in. Thanks Faizan for being so helpful and diligent.
—–  Marissa
Faizan did a great job. Very thorough with detail on any issues or items he picked up through the story. 
I asked him to follow a plan and did so giving perfect feedback, including video clips and ideas.
Highly rate his help and services.
Thank you 
—— Marcus Henson
Faizan is very insightful in picking up plot holes and problems with character relationships, but he is absolutely priceless in offering solutions to those problems! Sometimes a writer gets a mental block when it comes to how to fix issues and it is very helpful for a beta to be able to offer suggestions. Will definitely be hiring Faizan again. 🙂
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