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Zebra Crossing Book is first book of 2017 that I read and what a great start.

The novel draws me from the first line and I never felt bored till the end.

Quotes from The Zebra Crossing Book

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Talking with Reader

There are lots of novels who talks with the reader.

Like The Book Thief and Summer Sisters. But only some do justice with the narrator’s voice so perfectly.

Zebra Crossing is one of them.

Narration is as aerodrome point out :

Vandermerwe’s style is measured and unadorned, yet deeply affecting. She captures ordinary, quiet and intimate moments of city life – often glimpsed by Chipo from her window perch, or observed in her brief and infrequent forays outside the apartment building – imbuing them with poignancy.

An albino girl named Chipo (meaning: Gift), leads the story with her game of rhyming words.

When I was reading the book, Chipo got all the sympathy. But after finishing the book, I realised that there are more characters in the book that are more worthy than I thought. Like George, David and Jean-Paul.

Story of Zebra Crossing Book

Let’s talk about story first, so George and Chipo crossed the border and reach Cape Town, South Africa, where

Football World cup is organised this year.

Here they find out that S. Africa does not need any outsider. But with the help of George’s friends, George find a place to live and a job.

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Life settles and then starts murmuring that S. African will throw out all the outsiders as the World Cup ends.

This news shakes many people in many ways.

In between Chipo grows and try to impress David. But in doing so, she takes some wrong turns and finds out what she does not need to know.

The end is depressing.

Book talk about racism, Albinism, LGBT and other sensitive issues.

But it all never went out of direction and seem pretty according to the story.

Overall I like the book.

Again, the end is terrible, its depressing, and sad, and it will affect you.


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