What My Sister Knew by Nina Laurin // Summary and Book Review

What My Sister Knew has an ending you can see on the first page, but it still surprises you when it comes. What My Sister Knew distracts you so you don’t make your mind up in a certain direction, even when you can smell the foul.

You can sense there is much more to Andrea and Eli’s story. Andrea slowly reveals it, and subtle foreshadowing shows how psychopaths work.

When Andrea’s twin brother Eli is released from prison after 14 years, Andrea knows her life will not be the same. Her life begins to unravel. She has to give Eli money till he can find his footing. She has to steal money from her stepmother and fiance, which puts a strain on her relationships. All the family she made in the last 14 years cracked once Eli returned. Eli was in jail for burning the house when they were kids and killing their real mother and stepfather.

what my sister knew nina laurin

As a reader, you are on Andrea’s side. She is angry, tired, and always on the front foot in hurting other people. It is easy to relate to her. She accused her brother of everything. Even for the mistakes she is making and made.

Soon, you discover the errors and holes in Andrea’s story. She has secrets, lies, and a deranged mind, after all. She blamed it all on Eli, saying that she was like that because Eli had converted her into this type of person.

In the end, when the truth is revealed, which, as I say, is not difficult to guess but still surprising, you scratch your head and say, ‘What????’.

Who was wrong there? Is that person getting away with so few consequences after destroying so many lives?

Abuse and bullying

The book explores alcoholism, bullying, mental abuse, lack of attention to kids, jealousy, and abuse. Andrea and Eli joined the new school after their mother’s second marriage.

Eli settled well at school, but at home, he is getting beat up by his stepfather. Andrea is okay at home, but at school, she is getting bullied by the girls. Mother ignores both the kids. After the fire, Eli goes to jail, and Leanne’s family adopts Andrea. Leanne is the girl who was bullying Andrea at school. Eli once tried to assault Leanne, but the school hushed the incident to protect the political image of Leanne’s father.

Andrea, the unlovable child, grew up to be an unlikeable adult. She keeps everyone pushing away because of her physical and mental scars.

The untreated trauma and its consequences are overall in the book. Leanne’s life is in terrible shape. Andrea is a disaster. Eli was a stone-cold psychopath, but he at least cared about his sister. Andrea does not give a crap about anyone.

All these make the reader sympathetic towards Andrea.


Nina Laurin told the story in various ways, including book snippets, internal dialogue, monologues, tape recordings, messages, voice recordings, and interviews.

It gives the story a three-dimensional aspect, as you are not only watching Andrea’s POV. You can read the reports of what happened that night, what people said, what the media covered, and what was published as a book.

Do I recommend Whay My Sister Knew?

Yes. I like what I read, and if you are a thriller fan, feel free to read it. You will not be disappointed… It is fast-paced with proper manipulative and distressing characters.

Book Summary
What My Sister Knew

What My Sister Knew is a novel about brother and sister, and how abuse, bullying and indifference can make person mad.

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Author: Nina Laurin

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