Time Crawlers by Varun Sayal – Short Story Collection

Time Crawlers by Varun Sayal is a collection of 6 stories. Each story (might be) happening in the different universe. Or maybe same.

As the book talks about the phenomenon of multiverses and multiple timelines. I am not sure, might be all the stories are happening at the same time in the different universe.

But the stories do not connect to each other, or I did not find any connection.

Surely, the theme of all 6 stories of Time Crawlers is same, that is, that we are not alone in the universe.

Here I remember a quote from popular sci-fi writer, Arthur Clarke

Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying

More Quotes:

More Universes

Varun Sayal is sure about having many universes. It looks in his stories, as he wants to look at this possibility from every point possible.

The six stories of Time Crawlers try to poke different possibilities of the presence of other beings.

In the Nark-Astra, the mythology is seen through the lens of Science. The same thing Amish Tripathi is doing. In the end, Guru told his shishya, about the different planet, similar to Earth.

Death by Crowd talks about a different world that purely exists in a code form. The story takes on the habit of people finding fun in the misery of the others. While it explores the chance of AI having his own world.

With Genie, we see what Narnia has tried to tell us. That Genie does not come from the lamp, but from the other worlds. While the Lamp is just a tool to call them. But it still does not tell why Genies are wishing humans a wish. I wish Varun Sayal would make a scientific explanation of it too.

Time Crawlers – My Favorite

My favorite story of course. It shows the side of the universe which I never thought or read of. I have read something about the ideas of all other stories in other books. The story says that there are several humans or being that can live in the different time period at the same time.

A tree in front of the moon - Pretty Scenery

And it is not Time Travelling, it is just that those Beings does not experience time in the linear form.

Read it to understand it. I am not eligible enough to explain the concept of Time Crawlers.

Eclipse, In it, the other Being is already living with us. They are the one that made us what we are. They are the one that brings the civilization to us. And all the humans are mere the animals for them, so they can have food.

On the other hand, The Cave is about the fight of two powerful beings. There is the likelihood of having more powerful Being in the universe.

We don’t know much about this universe, the universe is so vast, huge and big. So there are always chances of having other life forms.

But we don’t know much about our Earth too. There may be other life forms on Earth too.

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Story of the Stories !!

In terms of story, only Eclipse make any attempt. All other stories are just a collection of ideas with dialogues and little bit characterization.

I did not even read these stories as stories tbh, after few ages, I started reading them as essays or articles.

The writer has made them interesting, that’s why a person keeps reading them. Varun Sayal was a playwriter for the college, hence you find heavily dialogued stories.

Even with the story with some story, there are more dialogues and less story in it. And of course, dialogues are powerful way to provide information and move storyline, but when you put all the weight of the story on it, they become lectures.

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga | Art of the First Chapter

Time Crawlers ending could have better. Like Jokie asks, “How do you know this much about Time Crawlers?”.

The person stands, “I am one of them.”

But the original one is also good. But I like mine more.  🙂 

Interview of Varun Sayal



I have read this interview of Varun Sayal. Where he said this:

I am more inspired by Isaac Asimov because despite being a Sci-Fi writer, he never wanted to bamboozle his readers with details of Space Opera, armadas and planets etc. He kept his stories real and instead focused on the human conflicts arising due to technical or robotic advancement. At the end of a story if it’s just a dump of details then it’s just a Scientific Pulp fiction, which may entertain a reader for a few minutes, but won’t leave an everlasting impression on her or his mind. Nothing against those genres, but I want to focus on scientific realism.

Varun Sayal does not like technical or robotic advancement. Ironic what he has written in the stories are mostly technical details. 

I like them, but on the scale of stories, they are poorly constructed.

So I don’t know how Varun Sayal is going to write a complete novel of approx. 300 pages, without turning it into a dull Sci-Fi Journal. Because the same thing was happened with Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar by Kochery Shibu. Too much jargon kills creativity.

Why not Nihilism a theme in any Story?

Finally, a question hangs after reading the book.

Whenever there is talk about multiple timelines and universes, and the universe being huge and vast, always a question arise !!


Why do you save a planet, when there is millions and millions of them?

Why a life form matter when there are millions and millions of life forms?

Why you will do anything when you can see the future and past, how do you get motivation?

There are questions that come when tackling with the topic of time and universe.

Time Crawlers Book Review

Time Crawlers Book Review

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In the End !!

I am sure you may have read any time-related books, or has seen a movie. 

Do tell me.

If you have read this book, tell what you think.

And also tell me

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  1. Thanks a lot for this honest review. My next book will be a novella where I will be expounding on the concepts from Time Crawlers. Will share more updates on that shortly.

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