The White Marble Burzi and Other Stories by Sharat Kumar

I got the book, The White Marble Burzi and Other Stories, in exchange for honest review.

There is no GR page for this book. Not even have a decent pic of this book.

Nor have any amazon link. No blurb. Nothing.

Just a pdf sent someone to me.

The White Marble Burzi and Other Stories by Sharat Kumar

Well, this book is not for everyone. I am not a right audience for this book.

The excerpt seems enticing so I said yes to the book.

The book mainly talks about the emotions I have not experienced yet.

I mean, of course, I have not experienced suicides and breakups, but still, I see the reasons and I can associate with them at some level.

Here the whole story is different in The White Marble Burzi.

The White Marble Burzi and Other Stories

The characters were mostly in their late forties and fifties. The stories have the focus on aftermath and consequences of the situation.

When you reach at a stage of life where you start questioning whether you lived your life or did you just moved through it?

Coming from septuagenarian, stories have the same locus.

The relationship, and disguised relationships with other beings and life.

When I was forty I said to myself ‘That is the end of youth.’ On my fiftieth birthday I said, ‘It’s no good fooling myself, this is middle age and may just as well accept it.’ At sixty, I said, ‘Now it’s time to put my affairs in order, for this is the threshold of old age and I must settle my accounts.’ But of all anniversaries I think the seventieth is the most momentous. One has reached the allotted span of man, and one can but look upon such years as remain to one as uncertain contingencies stolen while old Time with his scythe has his head turned.

Fading Stories

If I talk about stories, they do not have clear starting and ending.

They start from an action, then the author knit thoughts and dilemmas around it and finished it with comforting/discomforting realisation.

Not as attracting to a teenager as to an old man that lives in grey areas.

Language is determining the factor of these types of stories and author has well captivated it.

Structures seem to be a little bit confusing as sometime thoughts and reality were meddling.

Might be that was intentional.

I have to say it that this is a good collection.

If you are interested in some maturely developed stories, it is a good pick.

No chick-lit romance, no adrenaline pushing thrillers, nor driving fast momentum.. but slow and deep-rooted fiction.

I am really happy I read The White Marble Burzi and Other Stories by Sharat Kumar.

How often you get to read book written by such elderly person. The insights are valuable.

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  1. amit says:

    Sounds Interesting !!

  2. bhumika says:

    maybe my new pick…!!

  3. jaspreet says:

    Seems like matured stories unlike chetan bhagat’s books

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