The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides Summary and Analysis

The Virgin Suicides Book Summary

This book, The Virgin Suicides is sitting at my shelf for last 2 years. I should have picked it up earlier, then I might have liked it more. Because then, I would have been on the girls side.

Reading now, I believe those girls were wrong. There could have been a way if they tried hard enough. But they were tired of everyone treating them some mystery.

But it is super important to understand that the story takes place in the 70s, which I think author should have been tried to show it more. Because if it were not 70s, these girls may have other mode of communication and rant it out.

They would have been more open and it could have saved their life. But who is to say. Suicide still happen. With all technology and cure, we are nowhere near to cure the suicide. We don’t even properly understand the reason.

But okay I guess.

The more you read the book, the more you realize how alone the girls were. Despite being 5 in an house, they were lonely, because of protective mother. Loosening a little bit help.

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the virgin suicides book review

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Book Summary
The Virgin Suicides

I cannot tell why the girl dies, but I am discussing the concept of this book and more in this The Virgin Suicides analysis video review.


Author: Jeffrey Eugenides

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