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The Unquiet House by Alison Littlewood is an exception as I don’t read horror.

I do not know why, but it is a genre I don’t read, similar to Christian and self-help books. But stories around houses have always intrigued me.

I enjoyed Bougainvillea House and Clear Light of Day so much and they both revolve around a house.

However, The Unquiet House is my first book from Alison Littlewood, and I surely pick her up again.

It is a horror story but I have not felt the fear, not even for a second. Maybe because I was reading it in the Metro.

The Unquiet House Book Review

Any Horror Reader, do tell me how to feel terrified while reading horror fiction.

Years ago, I read The Mara Dyer trilogy after a good friend recommended it to me. The ending was stale, but there were few scenes where the book succeeded in making me check my shoulders.

Like the little girl killing the entire town, and the house scene.

Then there was a book by Stephen King – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon – It was not Horror.

Let’s talk about The Unquiet House.

The Unquiet House by Alison Littlewood

The book is a collection of three stories of three different times. Cursed by a woman, the house does not let anyone live happily.

Alison Littlewood has written excellent stories, all of them complete on their own. They sum up to become another story that is also complete on its own.

However, those stories, when reading individually, are better than the whole book. I feel like that the stories were tight, while the book was loose. The motivations of the woman were clear for the short term, but for the long term, it does not make sense to me

HP Lovecraft

Who does not know Lovecraft?

One of my favorite by him is Alchemist. In the story, a man who has the ability to live for a long time killed the people of a family. It makes people believe that the Family Name is cursed. The story is really funny.

Well, The Unquiet House by Alison Littlewood reminds me of that story.

I am not going to spoil anything by telling you more.

The Unquiet House Quotes Alison Littlewood

Three Stories

The three stories are from a different time period. The first one is from 2000, then it goes the 60s and then 30-40s I guess. I don’t remember now.

The things happened a long time ago impacts many people living in and around the house.

When Emma Deans enters the Mire House, she feels connected to it. The house lured her so it can make her life miserable.

Soon, Emma discovers the truth about the house, — How? — By Eavesdropping I guess — But I am not sure — or she talks to the ghost — I did not understand few parts of the story.

Then, like every fiction story, it ends happily with the sound of laughter and hope.

The end is open to interpret, do the kids come back or the Alison is imagining them. The story is from Emma’s PoV, it may mean only she can see them.

It can also mean that the curse has been lifted.


Emma moved into the house after the death of her parents. She was lonely.

After some time, the grandson of the house owner enters, and they connect quickly.

The Unquiet House is not only the story of the curse being lifted from the house, but from the Emma too. She was sad and lonely, similar to the house.

At one point she acknowledges it too.

The Unquiet House Quotes

With Charlie, she finds happiness in her life as well as the House.

Two Women and a House find happiness, only when a man comes and takes control in his hand. It is like saying, two women and homo are happy because of a man. #nice

I am happy for Emma though.


I enjoyed the book. There is no need to understand everything to enjoy it.

Moreover, the more you understand, the more you don’t enjoy things. I saw this in some Youtube videos.

So, Good Book. Good Metro Read. Connect with me via Instagram account.

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