The Treatment by Mo Hayder / Monster Book Review

The Treatment by Mo Hayder Book Review

This is a really terrible book. When I was reading the book review before reading the book, I did not think that this would be that bad. The horror in the book is not the some super natural thing, but a disgusting act coming from a broken mind.

I do not want to ruin the dead author’s soil grave but one must have a very sick brain to conjure this type of books. Mo Hayder do have this. She never flinched from doing the worst thing possible with the characters.

The more you read The Treatment, the more sick you get. Yes! the title is ironical.

But one thing is for sure. Mo Hayder can writer. I will be buying more of her book.

The worst part is book reviewer has said that this is the light read from Mo Hayder and her other work is more disgusting.

So I know what I am going to look when I am going to visit the book market next time.

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Book Summary
The Treatment

The Treatment by Mo Hayder is a chilling and horrible book. It is not horror but still act as a horror. A video book review in the blog.

Author: Mo Hayder

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