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Emraan Hashmi — the name brings two images to mind. Amazing songs and kissing scenes. So when I bought the book, I thought I would get an insight into the life of Emraan Hashmi. I read the blurb, and it turns out it was not the book of Emraan but his son’s survival against cancer. So I put it down.

After a year, I picked it up this month. Guess what, the blurb did the dirty with Emraan Hashmi. The book is as much about Emraan as much about the kid. TBH, the book is more about Emraan than the kid. Which seems narcissistic, like you are writing a book about your son, and more than 50% of the book is about you. Maybe that’s why the blurb is all about son. But yeah, I enjoyed the Emraan section more than the kid’s one. The kid one is all about cancer, and by god’s grace, Ayaan is healthy now. Then, there are filler chapters with academic knowledge of Cancer.

The first memoir I read was Lucky by Alice Sebold. At the time, I didn’t know what memoirs were. Memoirs are real-life stories that center around one event. It’s not a life story. Biography is complete life. Reading The Kiss of Life, I wondered whether I was reading a memoir or a biography. But then, the boundaries are only theoretical, and we don’t have to give a name to every form of writing.

the kiss of life emraan hashmi


Footpath was the first movie of Emraan, and it was also the first movie that I watched of Emraan. The last movie I watched in the cinema hall was Tiger 3, another Emraan Hashmi movie. After completing the book, I watched Footpath again, thinking that Aftab’s role could have been given to Emraan.

But that role does not fit Emraan. It was the correct decision by Emraan Hashmi to do the role of Raghu. Researching, I found out that Tere Naam and Footpath were both released on the same day. Salman Khan ate the newbies… But both films have a similar scene. Hero protects the girl from the bullying audience and gives her the stage to perform her act in silence.


It was funny to read the story leading up to Footpath. Emraan does not want to become an actor and is unfamiliar with Bollywood. But Mahesh Bhatt played an amazing role in shaping his career. From selecting movies for him to guiding him towards acting teachers, he was always there. It is nepotism, but what are you supposed to do? Not help your nephew? This logic is flawed, I know, but this is what Indian culture is. Favoring your own is a part of it.

Failed Movies and Downtime

Emraan Hashmi takes responsibility for the failed movie. He was anxious, which is good to learn that even superstars get worried once the movie starts to flop. SRK was not doing well for years, but in 2023, he returned with Pathan and Jawaan, breaking records back to back.

Emraan was also not doing well for some time, and then he also made a cameback with Tiger 3. Up and down are constant, but many actors do not take the blame for failure. Emraan do. I watched Ghanchakakr in the theatre, and the light was gone in the middle of the movie. Still, the audience was enjoying the movie. Yes, we all were waiting for the kissing scene, that never came. Then, the open ending made the audience mad. I still remember when I was leaving the theatre, they all were like, what happened? What rubbish,.. who got the money?? Is he dead??

Indian audiences, including me, were not ready at the time to understand the open-ended films. Moreover, the movies that get the flopped tag are actually super hits in normal circles. Awaarapan, Footpath, Platform, Tumsa Nahin Dekha, Zeher, Aksar, Natwarlal, and Dil to Bacha Hai Ji all have amazing repeat values that many 300 Carers movies do not have.

About the Book


Returning to the book, The Kiss of Life is not a masterpiece or amazing literature. I don’t think it is supposed to be. It’s written in a basic style, with some emotions, drama, and struggle included. The kid got cancer, and Emraan Hashmi is not a poor person, so the kid gets the best treatment possible. In India and Canada. He survives. That’s it.

The meat of the book, which I don’t remember much, is tracing the Bollywood family. You get to learn who is whose aunt, who is connected with whom, and by what relation. For Reddits like Bollywood Drama, the book is a goldmine. Many actors in Bollywood claim to be outsiders while having strong connections in Bollywood through their aunts and uncles – which this book can throw some light on.

To understand nepotism, you must understand that not all the bolly-kids enter into acting. They are also music director, distributors, composers, writers, camera people, directors, and much more. We only look at the actors, because they are easy to see…

Do I Recommend The Kiss of Life

If you are a fan of Emraan Hashmi or wish to learn more about his life, this book is certainly good. For Bollywood maniacs, it would be a great addition, or more points to get insights into the Bollywood families.

Book Summary
The Kiss of Life

The memoir-cum-biography of Emraan Hashmi - The Kiss of Life shows how the family goes survived the cancer of their son.


Author: Emraan Hashmi

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