Stir Fry by Emma Donoghue is not that Yummy

Okay !!

I pick the Stir Fry by Emma Donoghue because of the author.

Remember I enjoyed the Room. Actually I liked the story. It was depressing.

I hated writing then.

Ironical that I kind of enjoyed the writing style of Stir Fry. But the story was not good.

Stir Fry by Emma Donoghue Book Review

Or should I say I am not a great audience?

Do boys enjoy reading lesbian romance?

I don’t know.

There are few parts in The Mortal Instrument on Lesbian relation. But the characters of The Mortal Instrument are gorgeous. While Ruth, Jael or maria does not show any sign that they are good looking.

Good looking characters are more easy to like.

However, all three of them are not much likable.

It looks intentional though. Emma Donoghue does not want readers to like her character. She wants to make the character real.

You cannot like real characters. Fictional one is likable.

But whatever Stir Fry by Emma Donoghue.

Stir Fry Emma DOnoghue Quotes

Miseducation of Maria

Once I read The Miseducation of Cameron Post

What a nice book, with an excellent ending that single-handedly makes the book worth of each second.

It was about a girl discovering her true sexuality. You have to read it to understand it.

When Maria move in with this lesbian couple, I thought this book is going in the same direction.

It does tbh. But Emma Donoghue does not want to end it like that.

Such an ending, I mean lesbian already has a reputation of turning girls into a lesbian. It would have been funny. Homophobes like me could have said ‘yeah, I knew it’. 🙂

Emma Donoghue snatches that chance from us by giving them a simple love story ending. Hero meets heroine, in this case, the heroine meets heroine in the end.

Chez Hilroy says it right:

Similarly, the plot isn’t bad. It’s basic, maybe unremarkable, but not poorly done. Consistent, a little predictable, but never any kind of real slog. The book isn’t very dense so–outside of the style–there’s not any point that feels like it’s dragging.


Emma Donoghue Writes?

The writing was good as it was the first book of the author.

Content, however, does not have any direction.

Was it about friendship? Is it about a new girl in the city?

Or the book is about how the protagonist makes the two other girls realize how much in love they actually are.

Who says the stories need to have a direction?

The only point of the story is if the reader is enjoying them.

I did not enjoy it. But I did finish it.

So, in a way, it is not that bad.

Do I recommend it?


I am also giving two-star to this book.

This is because stars mean the rating given by me, that is a result of my reading experience. They do not represent the quality of the book.

What they represent is a kind of comparison with the books I have read before.

Stir Fry does not look good on that spectrum. But when it comes to weird writing style, it was interesting to go through it.

You must not forget it was published in 1994. Right now LGBT is trending genre, that time, they were not in open.

Now to you.

If you are into the LGBT genre, Stir Fry by Emma Donoghue should be on your to be read list.

Final Words

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Book Summary
Stiry Fry

Stir Fry by Emma Donoghue is a nicely written book. The story is bearable but the LGBT genre in 1994 was not that easy. Bue Emma did it nonetheless.


Author: Emma Donoghue

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