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I know it will not be right if I say anything about the acknowledgement section. That one section totally belongs to the author. But I am one of those people who read acknowledgements.

I have seen something, so it is necessary to mention it in Should I hate or Love Book Review.

This is the time of board exams and kids are in huge problem. They are taking the wrong kind of decisions.

And then I looked at this line of the acknowledgement and realised that even the educated people are not learning much.

Here is the line.

Dad, thank you for getting mad at me when my report card didn’t have high enough grades.

Please, boys and girls who are going to give board exams, if your parents get mad at you after watching the result, there is no need to take tension.

There are still many options.

Next, parents, this is not a reason to get mad at your kid.

Please show them other ways, they are already in disaster.

Respected authors and educated people, I understand you respect your parents a lot, but please, at least publicly do not appreciate your parents for their wrong deeds.

That sets a wrong example.

Should I hate or Love Book Review

Should I hate or Love is the same typical Indian romance which you can find in any movie or rubbish literature?

I will just provide the hint for the story.

A boy. Watch a girl. Love at first sight. Both sides. The love “that can never be broken” type love at the age of 17. Boys’ parents fight. Just so we can empathise with him. No other traits he shows to validate it (later we see in the  story of Should I Hate or Love). The girl is a cancer patient. Never tell him and left the boy. At last, boy gets to know why she was pushing him away from her. The End.

I will never say the story is old. Because there are many stories in the world at the same concept.

The basic is little in numbers but there are different kinds of execution of the same story. But here even the execution is same old.

Fighting Parents and Kids

I was talking about the boy’s family. His parents’ fight. As I read, they are fighting as far as the boy remembers.

I wish the writer has read the impact of home violence on kids. A simple google search would have done it.

The kid who suffer or see the home violence show a great range of problems in the teenage and adult life. Basically, most of the life of the treatment or therapy does not happen.

First of all, they do not make relationships easily. They have trust issues.

How domestic violence impacts on children:

  • Poor concentration
  • Aggression, hyperactivity, disobedience
  • Disturbed sleep, nightmares
  • Withdrawal, low self-esteem
  • Showing no emotion (‘spaced out’)
  • Always on edge, wary
  • Fantasise about normal home life
  • Pessimism about the future
  • Physical symptoms

But the boy does not show a single symptom. The reverse happens.

He is good in education. He is looking at his future with the girl. High self-esteem as he does not listen to the girl at first meeting.

Lots of emotion. More than the girl. Cries a lot. 

What physical symptoms?

He is so smart (like every Indian book’s protagonist because Indian are generally smart and good-looking, muscular !!) that girls are throwing themselves at him and seducing him, literally.

What was the point of writing that scene of the library?

Just to show that how deeply the boy is in love with the girl. We know it already.

I do not have a great love life but I doubt that Valentine happens in October month. That week exist in February.

But what I know of love?

I am just writing this Should I Hate or Love Book review 🙂

Should I Hate or Love Quotes

Bullies !!

Not of love but I know bullying.

I have never seen (real and fiction) in my life that a schoolboy bullies a girl and then runs to his friend asking him “save me from her.” (100 marks for creative idea to create the plot so the boy and girl can meet)

That boy goes to the girl, the girl refuse to tolerate the bullying and then happen the inevitable. Boy lectured the girl about her attitude and makes her silent. The girl falls for him at the same moment.

F south movies.

This is some terrible toxic masculinity going on.

Still good, Frodo

Sometimes I become selfish while reading this book do not want to waste my sticky notes on them.

By doing that I leave many rubbish things.

The character, I do not remember their name. Not a single one. So bad writing. English is good but the language does not do well when you do not have any story to tell.

Why there was lots of poetry?

Not poetry but songs. Like movies.

And you really want me to believe that a kid who has a very disturbing childhood and even more disastrous young life and then he became an ACP, which means an adult life of chasing criminals, a person of sucky life writes poetry and then sings it to his colleagues.

But this fiction, so everything is possible. But it should make sense na !!

Breakup Survival

The book is nothing but an un-hearted effort to write a book.

As I have read the acknowledgement, I deduce that writer was suffering from the darkness after the breakup so he made up the story in his mind.

But the stories in mind are much more beautiful than stories on papers. Here he fails.

Writing can only be improved by writing or reading.

Keep going on.

Faizan Fahim

Hello, welcome to this blog. Just writing reviews of the book I like. Also, favorite quotes, poetry, memes, sometimes other topics too, but always related to literature. So join me on Twitter to talk to me.

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5 Responses

  1. Thejas says:

    Huhhaaa! Very funny review. Dude, do you share this review with author? If yes, I want to know what’s their reaction?

  2. Kaavya P says:

    You know what, if some things or incidents haven’t occurred with you or anyone else in your teeny-weeny range of sight doesn’t mean they really don’t or rather I would say CAN’T (as you quoted ‘THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH’) exist. Words like “exception”, “unique”, “extraordinary” etc have been included in English language for such situations or people I guess. You’ll get it when you yourself be one someday hopefully!!
    Also I know the person whose story it is personally so to answer your query, sadly every theory of yours fails here as he’s leading very much normal life (including chasing criminals, writing poetries alongwith reciting them to his colleagues ;-)), but doesn’t seem so in your case coz really boy! You seem to be very frustrated with life and have found a way of venting it all out on these poor authors. And then tagging this frustration-venting way of yours as a HONEST reviewing. Serious SHOW OFF alert!!!

    • Faizan says:

      Hello Kaavya,

      Nice to know that your friend is living a normal life and I wish best of luck for his future.
      But here, I am talking about the book. And I do not see how that boy life turns up. It is the weakness of the book and writing. The writer should have written the transformation process and the struggles of it.
      Yes, I do not know any IPS officer, but I do know many people who suffered from mental illness and I have seen them struggling. And the journey to getting back to normal life is not as easy as it looks in the book.
      My reviews might be rude, but what should I do, I am really frustrated by reading this book. I was angry because the book makes fun of kids who survive violent environments. The story just used the fighting parents to create the sympathy for the character. A manipulative way to make your character likeable by making him a victim. A John Green’s way but John Green is a brilliant person.

      Again I would like to remind you that I did the review of the book, not of the personal story.

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