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No Filter by Orlagh Collins is a trashy romance that tries to be something more by including the alcoholic mother and absentee father.

But it never grew up more than a teenager flick, that usually ends with the boy singing song + musicing guitar at the window of the girl.

Girl is 17 and boy is 22. And the girl believes this is some life long romance.

However, for the moment, she might be correct in the book.

I knew I am not going to like this book when I picked it up. It was giving me the All The Bright Places vibe.

All The Bright Places story revolves around mental illness, and suicides – so I thought, maybe this book will be something similar. Book & stories around suicides and mental illness have always ensorceled me.

But the book is far from any of the thing.

Yeah, it tries, as I said, to something around alcoholic mother, but that is not good, tbh, does not impact the main character as much.

There are two main characters: Girl and Boy.

They don’t have much personality; they are any other teenage romance book protagonist.

No Filter Boy

Our boy has dreams to become a singer, and doing guitar. But his father wants him to become a civil engineer, I guess.

Boy, burdened by the family responsibilities, is all ready to follow his father command, with his dead heart, and cheerful personality.

But when the girl enters his life – and no the girl does not enter, Girl happen to her – she will make him realize that his dreams are important. And he should do what he wants to do.

The girl he met a few days back advice him to follow his dreams.

Our boy will show courage in the end, and he will tell his father that he wants to make music.

That is his story arc.

Other than having a party with a girl and making out.

No Filter Girl

Girl is forced to spend her summer with his grandma on Ireland beach, because her mother is in alcohol-therapy, and his father can’t trust her to be alone in the house.

Girl’s arc is to live in the summer.

And have a boyfriend because that is really a big deal.

In the end, she will get the singer-boy, and life will be dreamy forever.

No Filter Parents

There are some parents, BS. I already told you about the mother.

Well, boy’s father and girl’s father has a bad history.

But, girl will solve it, by just making his father say sorry.

Because that is what a person needs. A sorry.

After suffering years of humiliation, a sorry is enough to redeem a character.

It’s like God saying sorry to humanity for all the pain, hard work, and stupid absurdism.

And humanity is like, its okay God, you only gave us the existence, and sentience, in this horrifyingly large universe. Not like we adhere to life long struggle of finding meaning in the meaningless books, and thoughts, that never do us any good, while ignoring the fact with each second the doom is coming. Moreover, we can die at any time at any moment. So all good, a sorry is enough.


It’s the second book I read this month that is talking about forgiveness. Like somehow a sorry is supposed to solve everything.

Sorry is nothing but clearing your conscience, so you can sleep better at night knowing that what you have done is already done. You can’t and would not do anything to reverse, it; you admitted that you were wrong, and somehow that is supposed to make the person who was right before happy.

How narcissistic a person has to be to think like that?

Then there is this thing called: those who forgive are good people.

So blame the person who does not forgive you by saying that he is not doing its part and not forgiving you, as by saying sorry, you are giving the person a chance to become a better and bigger person than you.

What kind of non-sense world we have created where a person can inflict pain on the other person, and then can say sorry to redeem himself while having attitude of giving the person a chance to forgive you. This is broken.

Social Media

The author has no idea how Instagram works…

I mean the usernames like 0o_kittykatz_o0

Instagram is not a private server.

Moreover, girl is obsessed with Instagram while using the default features.

Boy is not on the Internet, and he does not know what Instagram is.

The whole social media dissing is so mind-numbing that you do not even look for the point.

Yes, social media is harmful to an extent, but here the disadvantages are told by the person who does not even use social media, I guess. Or they might have made the account, checked it out, and then read the common disadvantage of Instagram. & Made a story around it.

Devices that are Usual

Book uses the usual plot device to move the story further at every step.

Like having alcohol, and the girl gets drunk, so girl and boy go on a walk. Or there is some secret place where the girl and boy have sex, which somehow supposed to be romantic.

Because having sex in a flat, or room is not adventurous enough for the teenagers, they have to do it in caves, rocks, and some restricted property. Only then the orgasm will be orgasmic enough, and love will be proven.

It is like filling the teenager brains with the idea that sex at the unsafe places has some type of thrill to it. But there is so much to it. The fear of someone looking at you, or making a video of you, fear of making sounds, fear of someone suddenly appearing… all these emergencies.

Yeah, whatever, they can do anywhere they like.

Then there is this boy does not reply to girl, so the girl gets down, which is understandable.

Do I suggest it?

Blah, don’t read it.

I don’t recommend No Filter at all.

No Filter is dumber even by teenage romance standards.

Or your choice.


No Filter

No Filter by Orlagh Collins is a trashy romantic novel. Wealthy girl complaining about summer vacation in Ireland, & falling in love with working boy.


Author: Orlagh Collins

Editor's Rating:
No Filter

No Filter by Orlagh Collins is a trashy romantic novel. Wealthy girl complaining about summer vacation in Ireland, & falling in love with working boy.


Author: Orlagh Collins

Editor's Rating:
No Filter

No Filter by Orlagh Collins is a trashy romantic novel. Wealthy girl complaining about summer vacation in Ireland, & falling in love with working boy.


Author: Orlagh Collins

Editor's Rating:

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