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When the Night Of Reunion by Michael Allegretto started, I enjoyed the first chapter.

Then, suddenly, Alex revealed the secret of Christine Helstrum and the thrill fades.

Michael Allegretto should have delayed the truth to comes out. Night of Reunion is too predictive.

Well, it is the most successful book of Michael Allegretto, so I kind of not going to read him again. Because if I can’t find his most successful book interesting, odds are low that I will find his other book any good.

Night of Reunion Story

Psychotic murderer, Christine Helstrum, escapes from the prison to claim her son.

On the other side are Alex and Sarah, enjoying Christmas’ preparation with Brian (son).

One mother is trying to get her child back and another one trying to protect her son.

Alex is kind of their bridge.

Michael Allegretto made Weak Characters

The story seems interesting when looking from this angle.

But what I dislike most about the book was characters. They were having nightmares, just by the name of her. Getting paranoid in public.

They were living in fear of it but not taking any action. The characters were just thinking this-and-that, refusing to do any important work that will protect them.

No good locks, no guns, no guards.

I mean they should prepare of they are that paranoid.

The police’s work was awful. They were discussing cases in front of them.

Feels like characters were not written from the heart.

Too much nonsense

How the hell, you cannot tell someone is living in your basement, when it is clear from the starting.

It is not a spoiler.

You read and you will understand that this is pretty clear that something fishy is going on in the basement.

Their food cans were vanishing, someone entering the house without any breakings, and you do not understand that the killer is hiding at your place.

Police should have used some common sense.

Even after the doubt, they do not put a lock on the basement door.

Sarah was a hairdresser by profession, so I think she would be good in recognising various faces.

As it was her work to stare at the faces and hair, she could not identify Christine’s.

Back Story – Night of Reunion

There is very less back story.

I wanted to know more about what happened on THAT night. Backstory is just a wrapped up summary of action which happened.

Michael Allegretto has done a fast job to finish the book.

However, Christine’s point of view was not much intimidating and her voice lacked the horror of a psychotic killer.

Killer Tactics

When they found out that Christine was in their town, they got really surprised.

Why? Were not they expected that? Is it news? No.

They were having nightmares that she is in their house and the news of her shocked them.

However, characters do not develop even when they put into the extreme pressure.

What would you do if a woman is running behind you with a knife in her hand? You will run away.

If you have a knife yourself and life of your loving one are in danger, one can expect that you will put a fight.

But Sarah, as the weak woman she was, run. To save her life, to save her son’s life. Again police do a laughable work. Wait until the last moment to pull that trigger.

But Night Of Reunion by Michael Allegretto is a okay cat and mouse book. I have to give that.

Christine played with their minds. Not that she was intelligent, but other ones were stupid.

No more Michael Allegretto book for me, I guess.

Book Summary
Night Of Reunion

Night of Reunion by Michael Allegretto is a psychological cat and mouse chase story. A mother that is run away from a mental asylum, seeks her child.


Author: Michael Allegretto

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